About Us

You will probably be surprised to discover that our yarn and knitwear shop is called "Biscotte"! It is certainly not because we sell Biscottes. :-)


The history of Biscotte Yarns actually started with a blog called "Biscotte & Cie" in honour of a small all-gray oriental kitten that we had at home. Originally, we were far from suspecting that this blog would one day turn into a knitting and hand-dyed yarn shop!

We started dyeing the yarns by pure pleasure and we shared the photos of our knittings on this blog. From thread to needle (the wordplay is too tempting indeed!!) we started to arouse the interest of knitsters who had asked us how to obtain our yarns...

We first offered our hand-dyed yarns online, and we quickly  realized that the demand for our hand-dyed yarns was growing. The interest of knitsters and knitters was specially triggered by our self-striping (also known as Autorayante™) yarns. This is a yarn that produces a stripe effect in an automatic and completely unique way! Since 2007, we have developed and marketed Autorayante™ yarns and we are proud to count now more than 80 original colors in this collection!

For the last decade, we have worked very hard to make our mark in Canada all over the world: we receive daily yarns orders online that we deliver to our customers in Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, Japan and everywhere else!
We now have over sixty local yarn stores that retail our hand-dyed yarns all over the world, including our own knitting shop Les Laines Biscotte located in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville on the south shore of Montreal.
Our hand dyed yarn is now produced in a dyeing workshop located in Saint-Bruno, not far from our yarn store. It is also from this site that we manage our two websites and ship our yarns to our customers.
Biscotte Yarns is proud to have nearly 15 employees and we are pleased to say that our team is "knitted tightly"!

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Where to buy Biscotte hand-dyed Yarns

For a list of the yarn stores that distribute Biscotte Yarns, please visit the "Retailers" page on the Biscottecie.com website. Thank you for your interest in Biscotte Yarns and we look forward to meeting you in our yarns and knitting shop at 1315 Roberval, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, J3V5J1




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