About hand-dyed yarns

Because of its artisanal nature, each skein of hand-dyed yarn may not be completely identical to each other, even if they come from the same dye lot.

To ensure a nice color transition when starting a new skein, especially with semi-solid and variegated colors, we suggest you alternate the rows of the ending skein with the new one.

The effect of self-striping colorways will be maximized in small circumference knitwear such as socks, mittens, hats and scarves.

The result of the zigzag colorways depends on the garment circumference and the tension of the knitter. If the result is not as expected, change the number of stitches or needles size to work your garment.

Most of the time, we take pictures of the yarn in daylight to show the colors closest to reality.

However, because of the difference between the pixels of monitors and their adjustments, it is possible that you observe a slight difference between the actual color and the picture displayed.


Superwash (also identified as SW) processing means that the wool has been chemically treated to prevent felting so you can wash your garments in the washing machine.

However, to preserve your garment and color as long as possible, we recommend washing in cold water and drying flat.

Although the yarn is pre-washed, it is possible to observe a slight bleeding of dye during the first washes: this is only the excess dye that goes away.  In some cases, this bleeding flowing into the washing water may affect the adjacent colors (especially on white).  For this reason, we recommend washing your garment for the first time by hand in cold water and always in cold water for subsequent washings.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Thank you for your interest in our hand-dyed yarns and enjoy your knitting with Biscotte yarns !