About Louise Robert

Louise Robert is an accomplished individual with a Bachelor's in Art History from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). However, she found her true
calling in hand-dyeing yarns in 2007, and it quickly grew into an SMB, which became the family business you probably know now under Biscotte Yarns.

Alongside her indie dyeing career, Louise began writing knitwear designs around the same time. She even taught knitting for many
years, which helped her to write patterns that were as clear as
possible, devoid of any confusion. Interestingly, Louise started her
career as a ghostwriter for Biscotte Yarns patterns, but since 2019, she has begun signing her patterns and revealing more of herself to the
knitting world.

Her love for history and fine-arts is reflected in her patterns, as she draws most of her inspiration from them. Louise is truly an inspiring figure in the world of knitting!