So do you ever find yourself thinking about your next project while you literally have yarn on your needles? I have a tendency to get carried away! While I have sooooooo many projects in my mind to knit and never sure how I will get them all done at once, I STILL find myself searching for more and even taking it one step further and purchasing the supplies I'll need. It's as if I'm afraid that there will be a massive sell out of yarn around the world and I should buy it all now LOL

I have a friend that's going to read that first paragraph and literally laugh out loud......she knows all about my excessive yarn addiction. In my knitting room, I have a closet that I've bought closet organizers for so I could stack piles and piles of yarn and make it look like less than it has to be hidden otherwise I could be looking at an expensive divorce. And let's face it; I can't afford that when there's still so much yarn out there that needs a loving home in my happy yellow knitting room!!

I have a list of patterns and yarn suggestions I'd like to share with you in case you would like to concentrate on what you're currently knitting and have another pattern all lined up and ready to go! Some of these patterns I've actually made multiples of. You know it’s a goodie if you make it more than once!

Double-Take Tee by Mona Schmidt

This is actually a FREE Ravelry download and it's a beautiful drapey tee. I'm actually going to be knitting this one in an upcoming blog! I've knit it before and really enjoyed the simplicity of it and the ease of the pattern. I recommend Cheval Blanc's Sunny or Terra. I'm not going to lie......I've already purchased both of these yarns to make 2 more of these tees.


 Deschain by Leila Raabe

I recently made this one for my blog and my friend went bonkers over this one so I had to give her that one and I've already ordered the same yarn to make it again for myself. It’s a fast and easy knit and it's definitely a BEAUTIFUL sweater. According to this friend of mine, pictures DID NOT do it justice. I HIGHLY recommend Cheval Blanc's Ruban. I'm telling you it’s the PERFECT yarn for that sweater. LOVE!!!




Folded by Veera Välimäki

I love this sweater so much! I knit this one last year and can't wait to do it again. I have Biscotte's Bis-sock in Vanilla all ready to go to make it again! Bis-sock is the softest most scrumptious yarn EVER! I'm thinking of knitting this one down the road for a blog as well. And I know that the yarn will work perfect for this sweater.


Boxy by Joji Locatelli

I've already made this one twice LOL It's the most comfortable sweater ever! I think making this one in Biscotte's Bis-sock Speckled yarn would be soooooo nice. This is a very easy knit and you can't go wrong with any of Joji's patterns. They are so well written and easy to follow. She even gives the option of knitting it in the round or flat. You can't go wrong!


 The Weekender by Andrea Mowry

This has to be one of most favorite additions to my knit wardrobe. I wore this so much and I will make another. Andrea Mowry also shows a picture where she cast it on again immediately after finishing it but eliminating the sleeves! No extra knitting necessary, just eliminate the sleeves. It was so cute! Next time I make this one I'm going to use Biscotte's Hagrid. It has a very rustic, country look which is what this sweater is all about. Definitely one to consider for the colder months.


Basic socks

I don't follow a pattern when I knit a basic sock. So using your favorite basic sock pattern, you MUST knit a pair with Biscottes' Bis-sock Self Striping yarn. No special design needed ladies, the stripes will blow your socks off....pun is most definitely intended LOL I'm not kidding, this yarn is where my love affair started. Watermelon was my first ever Biscotte purchase and I actually have the picture framed and in my knitting room!!



SKYP Socks

I made the SKYP socks for my blog and I'll make them plenty more in the future! The pattern is beautiful and very easy to follow. They would look beautiful in either of Biscotte's Bis-sock Semi-solid, Speckled or Sirius yarn colors. I love the Sirius yarn, it's tweed and very rustic looking. I have a few skeins waiting in line LOL



Chance Cove by Allison O'Mahony

This shawl is so beautiful and once you get knitting, the pattern becomes very memorable. I actually wore this over my shoulders at my oldest daughters grade 12 graduation just recently and the compliments were constant throughout the evening. Mine is actually knit in a worsted weight but of course it's a shawl so you can knit it in any weight depending on what season you want it for. I think it would be stunning in Biscotte's DK Pure. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that yarn! It's beautiful to work with, incredibly soft and the colors are amazing. One of my favorites is Gris-gris. It's grey, but hard to describe. Maybe it has the ever so slightest lavender undertone to it? It's beautiful. I have a few skeins waiting for me to attach a project to it LOL

Can I also mention the importance of the tools you use? Ever hear the saying you're only as good as the tools you use? I cannot tell you how true that is. And I can attest to that! I was at a friend's cabin recently and all I could get my hands on were a plastic (I think it was plastic??) set of DPN's. WELL!!! I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth but let me tell you it was not enjoyable. My stitches even looked different compared to the rest of my work. Of course being as neurotic as I am I took it out and knit it again when I got my needles. I cannot tell you how wonderful Chiaogoo needles are. They are not too sharp and not too dull. They are the happy medium that's very hard to reach. And the rhythmic sound the needles make just sends me in a trance! They really are worth the investment.

 So, there's a few of my favorite patterns I think is most definitely worth getting on your needles. I remember a time when I didn't have a project in mind to knit. I wanted to knit something but where do you start? Especially if you're new to knitting. Looking up patterns and not knowing what to knit, where to start, what yarn to knit it with? Ravelry has a mountain of beautiful patterns but it can also be over whelming. I believe that the patterns I've mentioned here are beginner friendly and the yarn suggestions will work beautifully. I wish I would have had a platter laid out for me years ago when I struggled to find the perfect project LOL and I REALLY hope I've inspired you to try out one of these patterns.

Happy knitting!!