Speckled SKYP Socks on Neko Needles

Speckled SKYP Socks on Neko Needles

April 19, 2018

In with the new and out with the old.

As a new season begins, I always start wondering what are this season’s hottest trends, techniques, and colors in this fabulous world of knitting.

I don’t know about you but I’m seeing speckles. Not spots, speckles!! Speckled yarn is so very popular right now. As for color, it's warm colors of reds, oranges and golds. Exciting right?! Well it was for me when I came across Biscotte’s new speckled yarn called Bonfire. It’s so vibrant, beautiful and SPECKLED!! I could not wait to cast this yarn on my needles!

Speckled SKYP Socks on Neko Needles

And to keep with the new theme I have going here I’ve decided to try these new Neko needles. Seriously don’t you love new things!! I’m not going to lie though; there was a little staring match between myself and these Nekos. I wasn’t sure what to do with these little guys.

After our stare down, I picked them up and cast on my 64 stitches. Just looking at the package you can see how it’s supposed to look.

Speckled SKYP Socks on Neko Needles

Next, I split my stitches between two needles. Think triangle. If you put the 32 stitches you’re not working on the bend and the stitches you’re going to start knitting on the straight part of the needle you form a triangle. Then with the third needle you start knitting as normal.

I will admit at first it didn’t feel as though I had been knitting with them my whole life or anything. It took a little getting used to but I’ll be honest here, after a couple rows it started to flow. I got in the groove and they were actually really fun to use! They are on Biscotte’s website, available in multiple sizes. I recommend popping a pair in your cart next time you’re shopping online or in store. They are definitely worth trying and could be your new favorites.

Speckled SKYP Socks on Neko Needles

So, now that we have our needles all figured out let’s talk about this sock pattern!

For the cuff I knit 1 1/2 inches of 2x2 ribbing. I usually like a nice wide cuff but I was too excited to get started on the leg portion LOL It’s amazing how easy this SKYP pattern is and how beautiful it looks! You’d think it would be more complicated. 

Row 1 (K6, P2) repeat to end of round. 

Row 2 (K2, SKYP, K2, P2) repeat to end of round.

SKYP ST - Slip 1 stitch purlwise, knit 1 stitch, yarn over, pass slipped stitch over last 2 stitches. (1 being the knit stitch and the other being the yarn over) 

And that’s it! Repeat until you’ve reached your desired length. I always knit my socks around 6 inches, including the cuff, before starting the heel. And here is what it looks like so far!

Speckled SKYP Socks on Neko Needles

Doesn’t the SKYP stitch create a beautiful design? I love it in this color! And it’s so easy to follow and memorize so you can still binge your favorite TV show;)

As for the heel, I'm going to do the French Heel. I feel this one will flow the best with the SKYP design. The heel will be worked over 32 stitches or half of your total number of stitches. As with any sock pattern I'm knitting, I want to make sure that the front 32 unworked stitches are the same on both ends of my needle.

For example, I wouldn't want 2 purl stitches on one end and 2 knit stitches on the other end. So after looking it over, you should have 1 purl stitch on both ends. This leaves the top part of our sock completely even in pattern when we start knitting it again. I'm using a 2.5mm size needle and I have a size 8 foot. If you don't like adjusting the number of stitches to accommodate your foot size, sometimes it's just easier to use a bigger or smaller needle size. 

Speckled SKYP Socks on Neko Needles

So here we have the finished sock. There is a possibility that I’ve said this before after knitting a pair of socks…but I think this is my new favorite pair! Do you think that this could be your next pair of socks to knit?
Speckled SKYP Socks on Neko Needles


Win Fowler said:

What a great stitch pattern! I’ve never heard of this one before. I was looking to make a new pair of socks and I’m going to try this one now! I own a pair of Nekos and they are great. I use those now more than my DPN’s. Great read and thanks for sharing!! I really love your blog!

Sam Chaytor said:

Those socks in that color with your boots look fantastic! I’m going to have to order that yarn! I am guilty of knitting neutral colored socks but now I think I need color! Love your blog and look forward to more:)

Melissa said:

I have to tell you how much I’m enjoying your blogs. Are these your own photos? They are beautiful. Keep them coming!

Andrea said:

Hi Melissa
Thank you for the lovely compliment! I have a photographer friend that can help me when I need it, however all of the photos that I’ve taken so far are just my own. I’m not an expert for sure LOL but it’s lots of fun playing around with it!

margaret said:

yep, the colour fotos do it for me! I like colour!

Tho I’m primarily a sock knitter, I like to knit the unusual, you know, things backward, pieces added onto the main sections & plenty of faire Isle.

Looking forward to reading more on your blog!

Ellen said:

I haven’t been knitting for a long time but your comments are making me want to take it up again! Love the pictures! Will have to check out this beautiful yarn that you use, now that I’m retired! Keep up the good work!

Andrea said:

Hi Ellen
Thank you for the lovely compliment! The yarn is absolutely stunning. And you can get everything you need in this one stop shop. I have to warn you though…. proceed with caution!! This yarn is highly addictive!!! LOL

Elsie Thorne said:

I live in NL as well! I love to knit but there isn’t many places to buy nice yarn. I’ve checked out Biscotte website and I can see how you’re addicted to the stuff!!! The selection of stripe sock yarn is so exciting!! I’d have trouble choosing! Do you have any favourites you can recommend? I’d like to make a purchase and try this SKYP stitch. You’ve written it so that I can very easily understand it. Your blog is beautiful!!

Andrea said:

Hi Elsie,
The struggle is real lol a few of my favourites if you’re looking for stripes would be Watermelon, Apple Hearts and Rainbow. They are really fun and so unique. I also really like Hudson’s Memories, and Purple Rain. They are very easy to wear and the colours are so beautiful. You really can’t go wrong! Every row is fun and exciting when knitting with Bis-sock. It’s my favourite! The speckled yarn is super popular right now. You could pick a solid colour that’s in the yarn and do a different colour heel and toe. That looks great as well. Check out the new Sirius sock yarn as well! It’s TWEED! I love tweed anything! Hope I’ve helped a little!! Have fun picking out your colours and happy knitting!

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