One Skein Knitting Projects

I love one skein knitting patterns. They’re perfect for rainy or snowy days or last minute gifts. Plus, there’s the added benefit of immediate gratification since they come together so quickly. On the occasions I’ve lived with someone, they get a kick out of seeing it work up right before their eyes. With spring on the way, and with it rainy weather, it’s a great time to pick out some one skein knitting projects to have on hand.



Washcloths or dishcloths are super fast and you can often make more than one with a skein of yarn. This leafy washcloth pattern is unique. I love the leaf shape and the stitch pattern is easy to follow. You can make the leaf washcloth with or without a stem and with any yarn weight you like.

Quick Cable Bag

This drawstring bag is so cute and quick to make. There’s loads of cabling, so be sure you’re comfortable with that. Once you start, the quick cable bag comes together quickly and is perfect for a night on the town or a birthday or “just because” gift.

Butterfly Beret

Not everyone can pull off the chic look of a beret, but if you can, this Red Heart Pattern is for you. It comes together quickly and is the perfect accessory for spring or fall depending on the yarn colors you choose.

Coffee Cup Sleeve

No one likes a cold cup of what should be hot coffee and no one likes burning their hands. With this coffee cup sleeve you can stop using those toss away paper sleeves (the planet thanks you!) and have a classy, reusable coffee cup sleeve that keeps your coffee warm and protects your hands. It’s a great gift idea too! Uses less than a skein of yarn and comes together in a matter of hours.


These just a few of the many one skein knitting ideas out there. Get creative! There’s always time for a one skein project. Don’t forget to visit our blog for more great knitting ideas, tips, and hints.