Zigging the Zag Shawl | Knitting Kit

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This shawl is a design by Louise Robert available free of charge with the compliments of Biscotte Yarns: Zigging the Zag Shawl pattern

By popular demand, we have prepared a few yarn sets to make the color selection easier for you. Pick your own shawl kit and "zig the zag" in your favourite colour palette!

Each kit contains 250g of Louise Robert Design - Super Sock yarn (75% merino wool, 25% nylon; 400m per 100g skein) and 100g of Biscotte Yarns - Hermione (75% Kid Mohair and 25% silk; 420m per 50g skein).

Kit #1 - ZIG ZAG

  1. SUPER SOCK Athena (150g)
  2. SUPER SOCK Van Gogh (100g)
  3. HERMIONE Mammouth (50g)
  4. HERMIONE Gris-Gris (50g)

Kit #2 - FOND DE L'EAU

  1. SUPER SOCK Botticelli (150g)
  2. SUPER SOCK Air du temps (100g)
  3. HERMIONE Aigue Marine (50g)
  4. HERMIONE Vanille (50g)

Kit #3 - VELVET

  1. SUPER SOCK Tudors (150g)
  2. SUPER SOCK Chopin (100g)
  3. HERMIONE Biscuit (50g)
  4. HERMIONE Caramel (50g)

Kit #4 - ROSE

  1. SUPER SOCK Camaïeu (150g)
  2. SUPER SOCK Mackintosh Roses (100g)
  3. HERMIONE Betterave (50g)
  4. HERMIONE Rose néon (50g)

In addition to the knitting kit, you will need the following to knit your shawl Zigging the Zag:



28 sts = 10 cm; 4 inches in garter stitch after blocking.


  • WIDTH measured from one tip to the other : 244 cm; 96 in
  • HEIGHT measured on the center : 53 cm; 21 in

    Zigging the Zag shawl schematic


    The pattern is worked from right point to left point in two halves during which the stitches are increased at the end of RS rows (INCREASING HALF) and then decreased at the end of RS rows (DECREASING HALF).

    The pattern is included as a numerid PDF file with the knitting kit. Add the knitting kit to your cart and follow every steps to complete your order: a link to download your pattern will appear on the final screan and you will also get the link by email. Enjoy!!

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    Andy Barsh
    Love this yarn

    I have not started my project yet, but I can’t wait! The yarn is gorgeous! Thank you!