Wool Ball Star

$5.25 USD

For an aromatic wool ball..

Please note that the scent is not wash-resistant. Each box contains 2 stars (can be shipped in two different package types depending on inventory).

Three available scents:
Sweet Knitting: our exclusive fragrance (Knitting Lady Balm)

Tranquility: mix of thrush and seafoam (Floral)

Manchurian: mix of mangosteen, litchi and asian citrus. (Fruity)

Douce Lessive : Sun-dried cotton flower coated with vanilla flower and a hint of lavender.

Hibiscus & Bleuets : It's like candy. Tart and just sweet enough. If you have a sharp nose, strawberry and raspberry aromas will be perceived.

Handmade by Savonnerie Bon Bain

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Garner
Wool Ball Star

I really like winding yarn on this star. The yarn smells so nice when I started knitting it.

Scented wool ball star

This tool works like a charm for winding yarn balls without a yarn swift and ball winder. It is portable. My only complaint is that it is not offered in an unscented option. I would much prefer a fragrance-free tool.

Love the product

The wool ball stars are amazing. I love winding the yarn around the star. The scent is lovely. These are clever and fun for any knitter. What a great idea!