Ruffle scarf pattern Froufrou

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Kassel K. Kassel
5 star

Your patterns are great. I just Love you're yarn.

Elaine E. Elaine
Froufrou Scarf

Can't wait to knit it, will post pics on Ravelry when completed.
Thank you!

Nancy Duffy N.D. Nancy D.
Fun Knitting

I plan to use one/two of my vintage yarns in this 'fun' pattern. I've been ill so a bit behind.

Thelma Egberts T.E. Thelma E.
Frou Frou scarf fun pattern

Even though I'm not a great fan of swirling scarf, I decided to make FrouFrou. This one I like very much! The pattern was clearly written and I didn't see any mistakes.
Its a good thing I didnt read the whole pattern before casting on. If I had known I would end up with 410 sts, I would have backed out. Once on my way the sts amount wasnt all that bad, esp. since its a bulky project and finished after 16 rounds already. I didn't have a circ. needle long enough to cary all those sts, but it was no probleme to use 3 shorter circ's instead.
I skipped the beads and added an extra purl and knit row as an edging. After b.o. I was surprised the scarf was longer than I expected, but it appeared a good lenght for the way this scarf is worn. (Good thing a picture shows how to fold/wear it)