Needle Keeper - The Magic Wand for Knitters

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Needle Keeper-DB: Double-Capped for circular knitting needles, protect your precious needles and work in progress.

Have you ever leave your bamboo needles on the couch while you were going to make coffee? You sit back and suddenly hear a horrible .... CRAC !!

Or maybe you like to carry your stainless steel sock needles in your suitcase where storage space is sometimes so small that you end up with deformed noodles shaped needles??

Here's THE solution for you: Needle Keeper! This knitting tool is so wonderful that it is also known as the "magic wand" for knitters !!

EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT, practically indestructible T6 Aircraft-hardened aluminum; pliable, sure-grip silicone cap cannot wiggle off, assuring years of continued use; hand-sanded individually for absolutely no sharp edges to damage needles or you! Besides protecting your needles from abstracted buttocks it also prevents your stitches from slipping off when knitting is on hold.

Available in several beautiful colors!

Here is a video by the founder of Needle Keeper to show you how this knitting accessory will change your life ... of knitter, of course !!

***Note that this video shows you the original version of Needle Keeper with a single cap, we offer here the upgraded version with 2 stoppers: a cap at each end!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
diane langmuir
The magic wand

Best tool to keep stitches on round needles.

What a useful tool

I do a lot of knitting on circular needles, and this is such a helpful too to keep the needles from poking through my bag, or the stitches from falling off the needle.

Ann T
needle keeepers

Love them! Great protection for the needles and keeping my stitches from falling off!

Anne Watson
The Best

Oh how I wish this needle keeper was around years ago. It would have save me a lot of grief!! It’s great it keeps my stitches on the needle even if my cat gets poking into my knitting bag!

patricia Holland-Bender
Beautiful Yarn

As always the yarn was beautiful and it arrived from Canada in a very short time. I have not knit it into socks yet but am anxious to get started. Patty