Knitting Lady Balm ♥ Solid moisturizer for knitters

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If you have already knit with dry hands, you've probably experienced the unpleasant sensation of yarn that clings to your skin like velcro! We have found the perfect solution you can carry around in your knitting bag: Knitting Lady Balm, a solid moisturizing bar!

It comes in a solid form and looks like a soap bar but it's not: it's a moisturizing balm to rub on hands or any other dry body parts like heels, elbows or knees as well. It only takes a few seconds to scrub and you're ready to knit your next row.

FRAGRANCE DOUX TRICOT: Developed especially for Biscotte Yarns, a stylish fragrance with character. You will find tangy citrus notes combined with exotic fruits such as the naturally sweet Godji berry and sustained by a soft breeze of floral femininity.

FRAGRANCE BOTANIC: Developed for the Louise Robert collection, this herbal fragrance transports you to a garden where the scent of freshly cut grass and an iced mojito blend together on a beautiful summer day.

PETIT RIEN TOUT NU: A naked version without added fragrance where the balm presents only the natural scent of the ingredients it contains.

This balm is handmade by Savonnerie Bon Bain with only three ingredients: Temiscamingue beeswax for the water seal effect, organic coconut oil for long-lasting hydration and cocoa butter for its emollient qualities.
We liked the product so much that we worked with Savonnerie Bon Bain to develop the exclusive Sweet Knitting fragrance, only available here at Biscotte Yarns. You will discover notes of tangy citrus fruits matched with naturally sweet notes from exotic fruits like Goji berry and everything wrap in a soft floral and feminine breeze.

So, besides having your hands well hydrated, you will enjoy the Sweet knitting scented stitches ♥

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Love the scent! Great creamy texture! Not just while you knit, also good when cuticles are feeling dry.


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s great and not just for knitting. I work in a library where I handle a lot of paper and old dusty books and this provides some protection for my hands. I thought I may not like it on my hands whilst knitting but it wasn’t a problem after a few minutes.


J'aime beaucoup.

Lee Kowalski
Really works!

I really find the moisturizer is helpful and it makes knitting much easier when my hands are a little dry and rough.

Gloria J Alleman

The knitting lady balm scent is wonderful. I love it. Nice moisturizer and I like it as a perfume. It is delightful. Thank you. I will definitely order more. Don’t change anything about it.