CLOVER Quick Locking Stich Marker Set #3033

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Assortment of Clover openable and removable lock-shaped stitch markers. All packed in a handy little box. A "must" for every knitting purse!

Each box contains the following items:

  • 10 small stitch markers;

  • 20 medium-sized markers;

  • 6 large markers.

The wavy design of the markers prevents stitch stretching.

Have a nice knitting!

Customer Reviews

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Cindy Burns
Stitch markers

Work great!!! Very pleased

Tad Laird
Gift was well rec’d

Daughter in law was very happy to get this for Xmas! Works for me -

Jackie Hobbs

(Small) triangular stitch markers from Clover 3149

THE Perfect Circular Stitch Holder by Clover #3161 aka Short length

I was delighted to finally find Clover's short (#3161) (9-16"/ 23-41cm) circular stitch holders in stock!

These are far better (and cheaper!) than Cocoknits' leather cord stitch holders which are unfinished, unpolished lengths of leather cord with an extremely rough and "spikey" texture which renders it impossible to transfer even the most high quality yarn on to the cord. The rough texture of the cord catches and snags partial strands/plies of your yarn as you attempt to slide stitches down its length. Your progress is slow and even with a gentle touch, you still end up damaging the yarn you transfer. It now qualifies as a lighter (thinner diameter) weight category (originally worsted, now DK) of yarn and it appears scraggly with stray fibers pulled out of twists. Absolutely do not try to reverse course or hasten the process by using brute force!

Thankfully, this Clover stitch holder is narrow, consists of a tiny metal knitting needle and...a **smooth** plastic cord. To protect your stitches from sliding off, one end of the cord has a thin cylinder made of high quality foam with a hole in it through which you only partly squeeze through the tiny needle (as the hole only barely lets the needle through).

Oddly, Biscotte doesn't carry Clover's Circular Stitch Holder #3162, the Long (24-36"/61-91cm) length. To economize, I suppose you can use a similarly long circular needle in a smaller size than your the size of your working needles and prevent dropping stitches by applying a product like Cocoknits' Stitch Stoppers (that Cocoknits product does get a thumbs up!) to the needle portion.
At least that's the untested plan when I face such a pattern that requires me to place a large number of stitches on hold.