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Candy Corn Sock Pattern

This knitting pattern is perfect to play with self-striping sock yarn as our hand-dyed Bis-Sock yarn.

This sock design was written for the Biscotte Mystery Sock Club - October 2015.

The pattern is written in one size and you can extend the length of the foot according to the desired size. The number of stitches to cast-on may seem too large but note that the triangles and diamond shapes are made of diagonal rows and that's why the number of stitches has been revised accordingly.

A diagram is available at the end of the document. Upon reading this chart, you have to figure that the scheme is presented in two dimensions while the actual form of this diagram is a cylinder. For this reason, you will see shapes that are repeated (in gray): they are there to help you visualize the evolution, step by step.

That said, do not be fooled (or discourage) by the scheme. The chart is there to support the pattern but you can follow the written instructions without using the diagram if you prefer. Despite appearances, this model is very instinctive and easy to knit.  Have fun !!

In addition to the knitting pattern, you'll need the following material to knit these socks:

      If needed, you can find a tutorial explaininghow to download our patterns right HERE.  

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      Customer Reviews

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      Candy corn sock pattern

      Well written.

      Candy corn socks

      Love this pattern. Pattern is very well written and quite fun to knit. Highly recommend.

      Great pattern

      My husband saw the pattern and wants some socks like this. He can't wait for me to finish these.



      Love the color

      Love the color of this yarn but I don't expect to get to it until after the first of the year. Too many other projects to complete for the holidays.