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Broken Jack sock pattern

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Here is an original sock pattern from the very talented designer General Hogbuffer exclusively for

In addition to the pattern, you'll need the following material to knit this project :

Pattern sold in PDF format : a link will be sent by email after your purchase.  Thank you :-)

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Broken Jack sock pattern

I haven't started the sock yet


Broken Jack sock pattern


Broken Jack sock pattern

Great unusual sock pattern

Really enjoyed this pattern - it's still basically a lot of stocking stitch, but the modular construction keeps it interesting.

I thought the written instructions were pretty clear, and that the additional schematic was really useful for getting your head round the construction principle. After that, it's fairly easy to remember how each triangle is formed, so it's OK for travelling too.

The only thing I would say is that, although I know it suggests using whichever short row technique you're happiest with, it is written for wrap & turn and I definitely think German short rows work better. I tried wrap & turn first, got in a bit of a mess with some of the double wraps (which seem to come from both sides so working out how to pick them up is tricky) so frogged and redid with German short rows which eliminated my double wrap issue and made the whole thing much neater. And I have used wrap & turn successfully on other projects, so I don't think it's just that I'm bad at it!

Thank you Victoria for this helpful review ;)
Broken Jack Socks

These pattern creates a pair of socks with a lot of WOW factor! Perfect for that special skein of self-striping yarn that you've been hoarding-but, it's not for the faint of heart. They're a bit a laborious and the pattern could use a good deal more clarification. However, if you're an experienced knitter, have a little tenacity and don't mind winging it here and there, you'll be fine. Suffice it to say that the first sock gave me a few fits but the second was a breeze.