Bis-sock yarn Ladybug self-striping hand-dyed yarn

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Bis-sock is the sock yarn par excellence and because of its unparalleled softness, you will want the Bi-sock yarn to knit more than socks: shawl, scarf and mittens made with this yarn will charm you with their sweetness.

Each skein of Bis-sock yarn is 100 gr (3.5 oz) 400 meters (435 yards) and is made of 85% merino superwash and 15% nylon.

Machine washable in cold water and lay flat to dry.

Gauge : 28 to 32 sts on 2.25 to 2.75 mm = 10 cm (4 inchs)

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Customer Reviews

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Cindy Nolting C.N. Cindy N.

I love this yarn. I have purchased 6 hanks of different colors and have my wish list ready for my next order. My daughter wants me to make her a pair of "cherry blossom" socks and I'm hoping that you can dye some yarn with this in mind at some point! Thanks so much!

Joyce Maher J.M. Joyce M.
Can't wait!

Too many Christmas gifts to finish before I can reward myself, but I am looking forward to being "selfish"! The yarn is beautiful...

Suzanne S. Suzanne
so soft!

I purchased the lady bug yarn because I love the colors and ladybugs. I had never used Biscotte yarn before. The yarn is so soft, and wonderful to work with. I knit plain socks because I wanted the stripes to be the center of attention, and they are! I wear the socks all the time, and they are showing no signs of pilling or fading. Loved the yarn so much, I backed the app just to get more :)

Ejanoch E. Ejanoch
Ladybugs rock!

Lovely yarn, with a beautiful self-striping pattern and so very soft. Made my mom socks for Christmas, and she's delighted. The customer service is also excellent.