Aromatic Knitting Pearls - various fragrances

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For an aromatic wool ball..

Four available scents:
Sweet Knitting: our exclusive fragrance (Knitting Lady Balm)

Tranquility: mix of thrush and seafoam (Floral)

Manchurian: mix of mangosteen, litchi and asian citrus. (Fruity)

Douce Lessive : Sun-dried cotton flower coated with vanilla flower and a hint of lavender.

Hibiscus & Bleuets : It's like candy. Tart and just sweet enough. If you have a sharp nose, strawberry and raspberry aromas will be perceived.

Insert a pearl inside your wool ball before you start your project. Knit as usual and your yarn will absorb the scent as you knit. The pearls can also be used for enclosed spaces such as drawers, bins, etc.

Please note that the pearls are not wash-resistant. Each tube contains 8 pearls.

Handmade by Savonnerie Bon Bain

Customer Reviews

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Love the product

I love the scented knitting stars and pearls. Great scents. Love how they make my knitted pieces smell. A lovely lingering aroma.

Francine Portenier
Knitting Pearls

I bought these at Twist last year. I love popping a pearl into a new cake of yarn at the start of my knitting projects. The slight natural scent keeps my wool and project bags fresh. I love them.