Twist Spring Socks - Knitting Pattern

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Get the May 2021 Mystery Stocking Club pattern now. This pattern was created by Gaëlle Guerin better known as @Knit Spirit on Instagram.

Those socks are all about cables with a little bit of lace around the central pattern. They are knit from toe to cuff with a reinforced heel using German short rows.

This pattern is okay for beginners who like a little bit of challenge. - Gaëlle Guerrin

In addition to the pattern, you will need the following materials to knit the Twist Spring socks:

Gauge (in stockinette stitch): 5 cm x 5 cm = 19 sts x 26 rows

AVAILABLE SIZES : 33/34 - 35/36 - 37/38 - 39/40 - 41/42 - 43/44 - 45/46

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Customer Reviews

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Twist Spring Socks

nice knitting pattern

A keeper

I don't knit a lot of socks but this pair will be made and for myself.
These are just very cool.


This is a delightful and easy sock pattern. I am happy to amend stitch count where necessary to make it fit for me - really looking to teh patterned piece

Karen Krisch
I really like the title and hope it springs me into getting all the wonderful patterns I So want ...

Slow but sure I will use a stack of yarn with these wonderful patterns

Barbara Garcia
Great pattern

Love this pattern