ChiaoGoo SPIN Nylon Cables

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SPIN cables allow your tips to swivel freely! They are made of a pliable, clear nylon. Lifeline holes can be found at each end of these cables. Insert the T-shaped tightening key into the lifeline hole to assist with securing your tip/cable connection. SPIN cables will work with 4" and 5" SPIN tips.

Available in two sizes:

  • Small [S] can be used with 2.75 - 5 mm tips
  • Large [L] can be used with 5.5 mm and + tips

These cables can also be used with 4" and 5" TWIST tips.

    Biscotte Yarns offers you the CHIAOGOO ORIGINALS: beware of the Counterfeits !

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 87 reviews
    Jackie Kaffee

    Tips are great

    Deborah Leary
    Nice needles

    I really like working with wood, because I knit fairly loosely. These needles are a nice, affordable option.

    B. MOORE
    9 inch circs - yes!

    This is my second pair - now I can have more than one pair of socks going at a time! Of all the possible options, I LOVE knitting on 9" circs for the leg and foot best. It goes so quickly, and no worries about ladders, or tangled colorwork! These Chiaogoos needles are the best.

    WENDRELL Morton
    Bamboo needle kit

    I have heard so much about the ChiaoGoo needles I just had to try them. I am a fan of bamboo needles and these live up to the hype. I started using them the day they arrived in the mail. The points on them are not too blunt or too sharp. I would say they are just right. This is Love!

    Rebecca Hungerford

    I am very happy with my ChiaoGoo interchangeable knitting needles so far. The cables are nice and flexible. It was easy to connect the needle tips to the cables and two cable lengths to each other. The connections have stayed tight while knitting a shawl with a lot of short rows which involves a lot of turning of my work. Very pleased.