Stitch Markers Clover 3030, 3031 ou 3032

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Set of stitch markers that open and close: very practical to place and move the marker on your needles as needed. Can also be used as a marker on the knitted fabric to identify, for example, the place of the knitted fabric or the increases...

Option 3030: 20 markers size SMALL

Option 3031: 20 markers size MEDIUM

Option 3032: 12 markers size LARGE

Another great trick with these markers: when knitting 2 stockings at the same time on the same needle and the stockings are getting longer, use one of these markers to temporarily tie the two stockings together. This will make your knitting easier by keeping both stockings in the center of the needles.

Unlike other similar products from different brands, Clover's markers are made of soft plastic that will not break after a few uses. Clover accessories are of very high quality ♥

Happy knitting!!!

Customer Reviews

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penny rosen

so convenient

Deborah Leary
Keep these handy

I try to keep as many of these in my knitting bag as I can. They help when I am counting, they work as markers, they’re helpful when I’ve dropped a stich.

Deborah Leary
Very helpful tool

I like these because they come in a range of sizes. They are good for repairs, but I also use them to pick up stitches to know.

Cindy Burns
Stitch markers

Work great!!! Very pleased

Tad Laird
Gift was well rec’d

Daughter in law was very happy to get this for Xmas! Works for me -