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Prepare to be mesmerized with the delightful Wool Ball Star 🌟by Savonnerie Bon Bain! 🧶 In addition to making your winding easier, you'll enjoy the soothing scent of your choice as you knit (a scentless option is also available!)

Please note that the scent is not wash-resistant. Each box contains 2 stars (can be shipped in two different package types depending on inventory).


  • Sweet Knitting: Biscotte Yarns exclusive fragrance (Knitting Lady Balm)
  • Tranquility: mix of thrush and seafoam (Floral)
  • Manchurian: mix of mangosteen, litchi and asian citrus. (Fruity)
  • Douce Lessive : Sun-dried cotton flower coated with vanilla flower and a hint of lavender.
  • Hibiscus & Bleuets : It's like candy. Tart and just sweet enough. If you have a sharp nose, strawberry and raspberry aromas will be perceived.
  • Petit Rien Tout Nu (Scentless)
  • Corde à linge : Discover the comforting embrace of freshly laundered and dried towels on the clothesline. Enjoy the perfect combination of the characteristic freshness of laundry and the warm glow of the sun. Notes of peach blossoms, orange, fresh lemon, and hints of wood create the fragrance Clothesline.

Handmade by Savonnerie Bon Bain



    Customer Reviews

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    Diane Bairamian

    Beautiful store, yarns, and accessories.

    Joanne Garner
    Wool Ball Star

    I really like winding yarn on this star. The yarn smells so nice when I started knitting it.

    Scented wool ball star

    This tool works like a charm for winding yarn balls without a yarn swift and ball winder. It is portable. My only complaint is that it is not offered in an unscented option. I would much prefer a fragrance-free tool.

    Love the product

    The wool ball stars are amazing. I love winding the yarn around the star. The scent is lovely. These are clever and fun for any knitter. What a great idea!