Have you ever wondered what the difference between worsted and carded yarn is (not to be confused with worsted weight yarn) ⁉️

The way the fiber is prepared before spinning makes all the difference! 👉 For example, to spin worsted yarn (bottom illustration), the fiber is combed to align all the hairs horizontally on top of each other, whereas to produce woolen wool (top illustration), the fibers are not lengthened and are randomly positioned.

woolen vs worsted yarn

🧶 What does this mean for us knitters and crocheters?

The worsted yarn is more regular since the hairs are all aligned; you will get more defined and cleaner stitches. On the other hand, since the hairs are all compacted on each other, your garment will be heavier than if you had knitted it with woolen wool.

Since the woolen yarn is made of curved fibers and "air pockets," it will be more elastic and lighter than worsted yarn and will look rawer & more artisanal.


Now, it's up to you to choose woolen or worsted yarn according to your preferences!