Wedding Day Knits

Wedding Day Knits

Sarah Woodard June 21, 2017

You’ve heard about the wedding day jitters. Maybe you even have them. Wedding day knits are much more fun – and working on the projects might even help curb some of your jitters. The best part is, you’ll look stunning on your wedding day and be able to tell your guests you made at least part of your ensemble.


Knit Lace Shawl for Weddings

Many wedding gowns are sleeveless. While they look beautiful, it’s easy to get chilly in a cool breeze or air conditioned room. This elegant lace shawl is the perfect solution. No need to be an expert knitter. If you can knit, purl, yo, ktog, and ssk, you can make this shawl. Choose a yarn that matches the white or off-white tones in your dress for best effect. Check our Lumos collection if you want a bit of sparkle too.

Throwing Bouquet

No wires needed here! Many brides don’t want to lose their wedding day bouquet during the toss and mad scramble to see which single lady is next in line to be married. If that’s you, check out this knit throwing bouquet. Because it’s wire-free, none of your guests will be injured by it in the process of trying to catch it. Choose a yarn and needles that leave no holes, much like if you’re making amigurumi.

Ring Bearer’s Pillow

Is your ring bearer the young child of a friend or relative? They’ll look adorable in their kid-sized tuxedo and carrying this beautifully knit ring bearer’s pillow. You will need basic sewing skills for this pattern. The pillow itself can be made any color you like to coordinate with your wedding colors. The lace cover can be made in white or off-white tones to match your dress. Pro tip: on the day of your wedding, use a safety pin to hold the rings on the pillow so they don’t fall off on the ring bearer’s walk down the aisle. Add a hint of color or some sparkle with our Lumos yarn collection.

 These unique touches will make your wedding day even more special. In the process of creating them, you’ll ease your wedding day jitters and infuse each item with the love you have for your future spouse.