Valentine’s Gifts for the Knitter in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Chocolates, flowers, and a nice dinner are traditional, but if your honey is a knitter, try thinking outside the box this year. By giving her a gift related to her favorite hobby, you show your sweetie you care and you’re paying attention to her. Trust me, girls LOVE that. Here’s a few ideas to help you get started buying a Valentine’s gift for your knitter.

Yarn Club Subscription

This gift keeps giving all year long. Sign your love up for our Yarn Club or Mystery Sock Club and every other month she’ll get a package of surprise yarn in the mail. For a knitter, this is like Christmas! And since it comes from you, each time the yarn package arrives, she’ll think of you warmly.

Knitting Kits

valentines-day-gifts-knittersOften, knitters find a great yarn, but don’t have anything to make with it or have an awesome pattern but can’t find quite the right yarn. There’s a simple solution to this dilemma. Knitting kits! Your honey will love getting this on Valentine’s Day since it’s basically everything she needs to make something special. If you’re extra nice, maybe she’ll make it for you!

Pattern Holder

Particularly with complex projects like sweaters or blankets with an intricate pattern, it can be easy for your sweetie to lose track of where she is in the pattern – even with a row counter. And if the pattern is in a book, it’s sometimes a struggle to keep it from closing while working on it. Help her rid her favorite pastime of these frustrations with a pattern holder.

Needle Keeper

Ask any knitter and they’ll tell you they’ve lost needles in couch cushions and then sat on – and broken them or hurt themselves. Ugh! They’ll also tell you that sometimes they put down what they’re working on and a stitch or two drops off. Shouldn’t be a big deal, except maybe they don’t know it until several rows later. Double ugh! If your Valentine has ever complained about things like that, give her the needle keeper.

Skein Keeper

One of the most frustrating things for knitters is when their skeins of yarn unravel or get tied in knots. Or if they’re knitting two strands at once, the strands get tangled. Super annoying! Show your Valentine and her yarn some love with skein coat. They’ll both say thank you.

Shopping for the knitter in your life is easier this Valentine’s Day. Just give her something to feed her yarn addiction and make her favorite hobby even more fun.

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