The Tweedest Little Leafy Socks featuring a Fleegle Heel

The Tweedest Little Leafy Socks featuring a Fleegle Heel

April 27, 2018

 I‘m especially excited about these socks! It’s the kind of project that gives you butterflies! Biscotte has come out with a new sock line called Sirius and it’S TWEED!!

Sirius-ly I said TWEED!! The name could not be more fitting because I had to say it that way LOL

I‘m not kidding when I say I’m obsessed with tweed. I could wear it from head to toe and strut down the street. Don’t worry if I do, I’ll make sure to get plenty of pictures LOL
I had to take out my Chiaogoo Bamboo DPNs for this one. The bamboo looks so good with this beautiful rustic tweed sock yarn! The color is called Kalamata in case you need to rush out and get it immediately!

I’ve decided to do a toe up sock, so that I can introduce the most awesome heel....the Fleegle Heel! It’s a short row heel that eliminates holes and is very nice and sturdy.
I'm using Judy's Magic Cast On for Toe Up Socks. Theres's different methods out there; this is my favorite one. I find that not only is it invisible, but also sturdy.

Once the toe portion is complete, start knitting the foot section to the front of your ankle. And the best thing about the toe up sock, you can get a really good fit by trying it on as you go! Once you've reached the area right before your ankle, we get into the fun stuff!

Just to keep things simple, I drew a line right where my ankle begins and straight over to the other side of my foot. Try on your sock and pull it as tightly as you would like it to feel when you’re actually wearing it. When it reaches that line you drew, this is when you start increasing for the gusset. Be sure not to knit too long of a foot section, as the Fleegle Heel starts more towards the centre of your foot vs a normal short row heel.

tweed sock yarn
You’re going to start with 32 stitches on needle one and divide the other 32 stitches on needle 2 and 3. You will only be increasing on needle one; needle 2 and 3 will be straight knitting. In total I started off with 32 stitches, you will increase needle 3 until there are 62 stitches (2 less than your total amount) 

Here’s the 62 stitches for the heel......

tweed sock yarn

And here’s needle 2 and 3 where no increases have been made. Try not to get too distracted by the adorable little green sheep that have been helping me out with my project!  They are the Double Pointed needle protectors from Clover and they are so useful. I’m like a squirrel when it’s comes to knitting notions and accessories;)

tweed sock yarn

Turning the heel is especially easy. After placing a marking right in the middle of your stitches, you're basically going to work back and forth until you have 2 unworked stitches on both ends of your needle. The trick to having no holes is to knit to the unworked stitches, knit 2 together to join the gap as you have been doing all along, knit 1 but do not turn. Knit across needles 2 and 3 until you come to the last 2 unworked stitches.

Slip the first stitch as if to knit, knit 2 together and then pass the slipped stitch over the knit 2 together stitch. And there you have it! No holes and a beautiful neat looking, sturdy heel. I'm really liking the Fleegle Heel!!


This tweed sock yarn deserves nothing less than a beautiful leaf design inspired by one of my favourite designers, Alana Dakos. I’ve slightly modified it from her Perennial hat pattern to fit a sock. It’s easy enough where you can still binge your favourite show.....ok maybe I watch too much TV LOL but just detailed enough to keep you on your toes.

It’s knit over 13 stitches, so you can pretty much put in anywhere your like! 

I’ve knit mine on the sides, but it would also look pretty great on the back. And I know, I know!! I’ve said it before .... but I think this could be my new favourite pair of socks! At least until the next pair;)

There’s nothing like relaxing with a cup of green tea, my handy Biscotte Notebook, some much needed Knitting Lady Balm and a really great ball of tweed yarn! Next time you knit a pair of socks will you try a Fleegle Heel? 

Download Fleegle Heel FREE SOCK PATTERN HERE


Paula Hammond said:

I sure understand about the smuggling of yarn. Me too!
It’s not too hard though. My Husband collects old high end stereo gear. You should see his office!

Andrea said:

Hi Paula
You’re very lucky to have a husband that collects something to counteract the yarn addiction LOL I legit come in the house with it stuffed inside my jacket including the sleeves 😂

Debbie said:

I love the fleegle heel!! I have a high instep and that extra room from the gusset fits really well. Not to mention looking good!

Pat Z said:

Thank you for the sock pattern. What kind off do you recommend to keep the cuff stretchy? I have tried Lori’s stretchy bind off with some success, Jenny’s stretchy bind off, Kitchener bind off (total failure for me), and a lace bind off method that has worked very well.

Andrea said:

Hi Pat,
What I do to make sure my bind off around the cuff is good and stretchy, is to go up a needle size and a basic knit one and pass it over works pretty good for me!
Good luck and happy knitting!!

Win said:

Thank you for the pattern I’ve never tried that kind of heel before. Looking over the pattern and your explanation on the blog it looks fairly simple. I’ll give this one a try! Thanks for sharing!

Jane said:

Hello, Andrea, from a fellow Newfoundlander-knitting-addict. Thank you for the lovely pattern. :-)

Sam said:

Hi Andrea!
I’m knitting your SKYP socks from the last blog and now I HAVE to make these Tweedest Little Leafy Socks!!! The name is adorable btw! I was wondering if you could recommend another colour in the “Sirius-ly” cute colour line? Where it’s a leaf I’m wondering your opinion on a different colour. And I haven’t been knitting for very long….is it too complicated for me?

Andrea said:

Hi Jane!
From a fellow Newfoundlander you are very welcome! 😊

Andrea said:

Hi Sam
Honestly I think a lot of different colours would work. Think about spring when the leaves are starting to turn green or Fall when they are beautiful and vibrant with colours of oranges, reds and golds. Check out Sirius sock yarn in Preneau, Ambre, and Caramel. They are beautiful!! And to be fair, any colour would look fantastic☺️And I know you say you haven’t been knitting very long but I really feel like you’d be able to do it. It might seem complicated but it itsn’ t. And if you need any help let me know!!
Good luck and happy knitting😊

Elsie said:

I’ve tried this heel type at least 3 times with no success. you have a way of explaining and writing patterns that really clicks with me!! I’ve looked up multiple sites and still couldn’t get it. After reading this I get it!!! Thank you so much for the pattern. I look forward to more!!

Andrea said:

Hi Elsie
That’s awesome! I’m glad I could help!! It’s definitely a great heel to know for toe up socks. You can really customize the fit. Thanks so much and happy knitting😊

Melissa said:

Andrea, I really love nature themed knitting and I can’t wait to try your pattern! I love Alana Dakos too :) Thanks for the pattern!

Donna said:

Hi Andrea,
This pattern is beautiful! I’ve already started it with the Sirius tweed yarn in the colour caramel. It’s turning out really nice. I’m at the part of the heel where its says to leave 2 stitches on both of the ends but I have 3 stitches on the ends. I might have done something wrong. Can I still continue on without getting any holes?
Thanks, Donna

Andrea said:

Hi Donna
I’m thinking you have it right. You should have 3 stitches on either end in TOTAL. It’s 2 stitches that are UNWORKED. So it’s the stitch before the gap and the stitch after the gap that you’ll knit together, knit 1 and then continue around to the other side of the needle where the other 2 unworked stitches are. Then you’ll slip one as if to purl, knit the other 2 together and then pass that slipped stitch over the stitch that was your knit 2 together. And then all of your unworked stitches are finished and you can continue on with the rest of your sock. I really hope this helps!

Donna said:

Hi Andrea
Yes you were right! Shortly after I read it over again and I realized it was supposed to be 3 and the 2 being unworked! Thank you for getting back to me! I’m on the leaf pattern now and I’m loving how it’s looking so far! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

Deidre said:

Hi Andrea
Your column is one of my favourites to read. You are so excited with the projects you’re making that you inspire me to want to make them all! I made the slippers into shoes and I’m loving them. I’ve had friends ask me where I bought them 😁 I’ll be honest I have second sock syndrome so my sock collection is skimpy but I think I’m going to grow my collection. They look so good peeking out from the top of ankle boots. I look forward to more of your work!

Andrea said:

Hi Deidre
I’m very passionate about my knitting and I’m so pleased to hear that it shows in my writing! So thank you for that compliment. I love knitting socks so I don’t mind knitting the second one, however I hear this a lot from knitters. There is a technique of knitting socks 2 at the same time. I’ve seen a book about it but I’m sure you’d definitely find something on YouTube as well!
Good luck!

Tina said:

Great pattern thanks for sharing!

Adele said:

Just went to check projects for the tweedest leafy socks on Ravelry. They are tagged as top down rather than toe-up. I’ve only knit toe-up with gusset and heel flap, and flk which doesn’t always work for me with the gusset stitches added, as I have a high instep. I am looking forward to trying the fleegle heel. Thanks for the cute pattern!

Joanne Murphy said:

Thanks for the sock information will try the socks with fleegle heel however as much as I love the yarn the way the Australian dollar is it will have to wait. Cheers Joanne

Joanne Murphy said:

Thanks for the sock information will try the socks with fleegle heel however as much as I love the yarn the way the Australian dollar is it will have to wait. Cheers Joanne

Felicia Eyre said:

Love the sock but thought it was cuff down with a fleegle heel.

Marlene Doyer said:

Thanks for the pattern very helpful.

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