If you’re like most people, knitting is something you usually do while the family watches TV after dinner or while a movie rerun is on. I do that too, but I’ve also recently discovered how wonderful it is to knit outside.

outdoor knitting

Even the most newbie among us knows that knitting is a form of meditation and a way. When we’re puzzling out the solution to a problem, we “knit on it.” For me, daily meditation is part of a larger self-care practice. When weather permits, I like to take this practice outside and experience the healing power of nature. 

One day, I thought, why not combine both my self-care practice and my knitting hobby and knit outside. At first, I just did it in the privacy of my backyard. I loved it! Working on a spring sweater with birds chirping, bees buzzing and the sun shining just seemed right somehow.

outdoor knitting

 Once I got comfortable with the idea of knitting outside, I decided to bring it to the park. It would be different scenery. I admit, at first I was concerned that I’d get odd looks or that people would think I was nuts. Quickly, though, I discovered I shouldn’t have worried. What really happened is that knitting in the park became a way to make friends.

Since I’m shy and not great at starting conversations with people, knitting as an ice breaker was great! I also learned that outdoor knitting is a great way to filter who interacts with you. Some people view knitting a barrier. They’ll stop the guy jogging through the park to ask directions, but not ask you. Pretty silly since the guy jogging is a lot less likely to be happy with the interruption…

 Other people understand that knitting is an open, friendly hobby. They understand that knitters like interacting and talking about their projects, they’re just a bit shy. Those people will be the ones to approach, strike up a conversation and often become a new friend.

 Since I started knitting outside, the hobby has become so much more than a way to relax. It’s become a way to make friends and screen people before interacting with them. That’s a huge relief to this shy girl!

 Have you tried knitting outside? How did it go for you?