Stay Warm This Winter with Cable Knit Mittens

Stay Warm This Winter with Cable Knit Mittens

Sarah Woodard September 25, 2017

cabled knittingThe weather is still unseasonably warm, but it’s only a matter of time before the cold weather and snow arrives. Gloves are great, but mittens are even better – at least I think so. With mittens, your fingers help keep each other warm rather than being separated as they are in gloves. Plus, mittens knit up more quickly than gloves. And adding a cable pattern to mittens makes them pretty enough to wear anywhere. Check out these great cable knit mitten patterns for inspiration.

Basic Cable Knit Mittens

If you’re just getting started with cabling, this basic pattern looks great without being terribly complicated. The purled stripe on either side of the cable adds detail and makes the design seem complete. The defined shape at the top also helps ensure a great fit. For a little extra intrigue, try it with a tweed style yarn.

Wide Cable Mittens

This is another basic cable mitten pattern that’s perfect for any skill level. There are no other details so the cable seems to flow in and out of the top of the mitten seamlessly. Because of this, a single-toned, shiny yarn would be ideal. If you’re looking to dress it up a little, consider using a fun yarn like faux fur or textured yarn for the cuffs.

Subtle Cable Mittens

In some cases, cables rise off the surface of the mitten, giving them a 3-D feel. If you’re looking for something flatter, this subtle cable knit mitten pattern is for you. While the cable is still obvious, it doesn’t leap out at you the way cables often do. As with the wide cable mittens, a shiny yarn would be great with this pattern, too.

dk pure hand-dyed yarn

Cable Mittens in the Round

Personally, I’m a huge fan of knitting in the round – and doing two at once – so crating cable mittens in the round sounds great. Add a little more visual appeal to the completed mittens with a speckled yarn. Or use the speckled yarn for the cuff and a coordinating solid color for the mitten itself to let the cable work stand on its own.

Cable knit mittens are a fashionable way to keep your hands warm this winter. When you friends see how great they look, they’ll want you to make a pair for them, too. And if you’re new to cabling, mittens are a great place to start due to their small size. Once you see how easy cable knitting is, you’ll be able to take on larger projects with cabling. Happy knitting!