summer knitsSummer yarns are wonderful. Bamboo, silk, light wool and other materials are much different to work with than the thick wools and blends used in winter. When worked up into a garment, the lighter materials have a pretty flow to them. Summer sweaters using these materials are perfect for a night out when it starts to get a bit chilly after dusk or as a shell under a suit coat or blazer. They even stand on their own!

Long Sleeve Top for Sunny Days

This lightweight knit top is perfect for those cooler summer days or evenings. It has lovely detailing, yet works up quickly. Try knitting it outside to infuse some of that summer sun and energy into it. You’ll want to opt for a lightweight, natural fiber yarn. Shop our store to find one you love.

Pebble Tank

This looks great on its own or under a professional blazer. The appearance of texture is this pebble tank is truly eye catching. I love the slightly thicker appearance to the edges. The fabulous appearance is due to the yarn used, so if you opt to substitute, choose carefully. And make sure you have all the needles, notions and other supplies you’ll need. Check our online shop.

Simple One Button Tunic

Using just stocking knit, you can create a lovely tunic. It wears well over summer tanks without being too heavy. If you’re like me and you inherited a button box, this is the perfect project to break it out and find that one special button that will complement the yarn you’ve chosen and the style of the tunic. And speaking of yarn, don’t forget to check our shop for your hand dyed yarn needs.

Sparkly Lace Top

Perfect for a night out, this top is lacey, sparkly and elegant. It fits well over a camisole or tank and adds just the right look for a fun night out. The mohair yarn used in the pattern adds some texture, but if you’re not a fan of the fringy bits, try our sparkling yarn instead.

Lace Top for Beginners

If you’ve never done lace before, but want a lacey top for summer, this pattern is for you. Made as two separate panels and sewn together creating a boxy-shaped top. You’ll get to discover that lace isn’t as scary as you think and have a fabulous top to wear.

Knit T-Shirt

Complete with breast pocket, this is too cute not to share. With a knit t-shirt, you’ll fit in at casual events while still wearing something completely unique. Play around using self-striping or variegated yarn to create different t-shirt designs.

 Knitting for the summer with these quick and easy patterns is fun and helps you expand your wardrobe without using thick, heavy yarn. Try it yourself. We think you’ll enjoy the results