Projects for Funky Yarn

Sarah Woodard February 25, 2017


Has this ever happened to you? You’re browsing the yarn store and a really neat, funky yarn begs to be bought. The only problem is, you have no idea what you’ll do with pom-poms or faux fur or some other chunky funky yarn. I get it. It’s happened to me. And the pattern that comes free on the label isn’t usually something I’m interested in making. Instead, I’ve got a few go-to funky yarn patterns. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Faux Fur Cowl

When I used to think about faux fur projects, I’d think of boas a la Dolly Parton. Not really my style and not something I wanted to make – no matter how much the faux fur yarn begged to come home with me. Now, I see a great faux fur at the yarn store and I think about this nifty cowl project. It’s great accessory to any outfit. You can make it in a bunch of different colors to go with everything in your wardrobe.

Faux Fur Jacket

For many people, a fur jacket evokes thoughts of money and luxury. You can make your own with faux fur (and save a few animals in the process) with this fabulous faux fur jacket pattern from Lion’s Brand yarns. If you’re feeling a little wild, make it with an unnatural color like purple or bright red.

Pom Pom Cuddler

I love the look of pom-pom yarn. It’s so squishy and soft and just makes me happy…at least until I try to make something with it. It’s not mean for knitting a sweater. I can’t resist the happy pom-pom yarn, though. Instead, check out this pom-pom cuddle blanket. I love how the pom-pom yarn makes the blanket so soft and squeezable.

Pom-Pom Scarf

The squishiness of pom-pom yarn is great for scarves too. And because it’s worked with large needles, they come together quickly. Check out this adorable pom-pom scarf pattern. I love the addition of larger pom-poms on the ends to make the whole thing look complete.

Textured and Slubby Yarn

What’s slubby yarn? It’s yarn that changes thickness throughout the skein. Textured yarn maintains a consistent thickness, but isn’t flat. Yarns like these always seem to leap off the shelves at me. Making something nice with slubby yarn is challenging since there isn’t a way to measure gauge. This slubby yarn scarf is great way to start working with the unique yarn and have something amazing at the end.

It turns out textured yarn is also very warm. It kind of interlocks in a way that traditional yarn doesn’t. I love this blanket pattern that uses textured yarn in a few different colors.

What other funky yarns have you used? Share you favorites and what you made with them!