yarnGoing yarn shopping is fun. A lot of fun. But without a plan, it can also become a time sink that leaves you without the necessary items to complete your knitting or crocheting project. Spending a few minutes preparing before your visit the yarn shop will help ensure you leave with everything you need and can complete your project successfully. 

Know Your Requirements

If you’ve got a pattern in mind, make note of the yarn gauge and the amount you will need to complete the project. This will help you hone in the correct section of the yarn shop so you can focus in on material and color. If you’re not sure the exact amount you’ll need, buy an extra skein or two. Make sure they’re all from the same die lot so you don’t wind up with a color change part way through the project.

Consider the Wearer and Purpose

Who are you making this project for? Do they have any allergies to wool or other materials? Be sure to pick a yarn that won’t cause them to have an allergic reaction. If it’s for a baby, a soft, washable yarn is ideal. If you’re making a blanket, scour the yarn shop for a light and warm yarn. If you’re making the item as a gift, consider what other colors the recipient wears or uses to decorate. Use colors that are in the same family to those they’d choose themselves.

Needle Inventory

Before you head out to the yarn shop, take a look at the needles you have available. Do you have the size and type you’ll need to complete the chosen project? It can sometimes be helpful to get needles a half size larger or smaller than those recommended on the pattern depending on tight or loose your gauge usually is.

Tools Inventory

Besides needles or hooks, what other items do you need to complete this project. A row counter? Stitch markers? Tape measure? Carefully read through the pattern before heading to the yarn shop and check to be sure you’ve got all the tools you’ll need to complete the project.

Before you head to the yarn shop to get supplies for your next project, working through these preparatory steps will save you time and money. You’ll leave the yarn shop with everything you need and not get distracted by the many fabulous skeins that aren’t appropriate for the current pattern.


Happy yarn shopping everyone!

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