I am beyond excited to be casting on Andrea Mowry’s So faded sweater!! I’ve had this one in my sights for some time now but just couldn’t seem to find the confidence to choose what colors and what I wanted the end result to be. 

I used to find patterns, see what yarn and color was used and knit it as the designer had. But seriously.... SERIOUSLY?? Sometimes that’s just fine and I still do that but there’s more fun to be had...... just when you thought knitting was already fun enough! I’ve found a LOVE for fading!!! I’ve done a little research, watched a few podcasts and it gave me the push I needed. 

Now I am definitely not an expert nor could I teach the class. But here are a few things I’ve learned that might give you the push you need if you too were nervous of melting colors or fading.

As you can see in the video once that color that you know you HAVE to HAVE is in your sights the rest will follow. It's all about finding common ground in another skein of yarn that will connect your colors together. Lay out a bunch of skeins if you have a stash or you're at the yarn store. You'll see where the connection can be made! It's so much fun! So, when I seen Biscotte's Green Gables I knew that was going to be my color. Whatever else I used was going to be based on that GORGEOUS color of yarn! No longer will it be Anne of Green Gables.... it shall now be Andrea of Green Gables LOL I just love it!

so faded sweater

See how I fell in love with the color? How could you not? I’ve always been drawn to mustard yellows, burnt oranges and greens anyways. So you can see how it was so easy for me to fall in love with it. 

At this point in the sweater I’ve stopped knitting the Green Gables on its own and will now start fading in the next color. I decided to start fading my color right at the point of separating the sleeves from the body. So now the real fun begins!! Not that the top wasn’t fun, I was seriously soooooo excited casting this one on! I love the projects that really get your blood pumping!! But I’m very excited to get the Pink Granit started now!

Here's the Pink Granit portion. I really wish you could see this in person!! All the little specks of green and blues are exactly the same as what’s in the top. And the picture isn't doing it justice. I'm in love with it so far! How unique is this? I want my sweater to be 10 inches from the underarm; 12 altogether with the 2 inch cuff so at this point now I'll fade in my next color. SOOOOO EXCITED!!

so faded sweater

Here she is folks! The last color added in was Cherry Blossom. This color just blended it out to perfection....if I must say so myself! Hey!! If I'm not going to toot my own horn, who will LOL

I'm really happy with how this sweater turned out and I can see wearing this one quite a bit in my near future! There's the option in the pattern for making it longer in the body and with a wrist length sleeve. Of course I went with the shorter sleeve with it being Spring and all. Well, in some parts of the world I'm guessing its Spring LOL Oh Newfoundland, how I love you but you are still quite chilly! Not that I mind, it's great for knitters! Even though there are some AMAZING summer knits I can't wait to get on my needles!

I recommend casting this sweater on your needles ASAP! If you haven't tried fading before DO NOT be intimidated! This pattern is written to perfection. VERY easy to understand and without a doubt beginner friendly! Way to go Andrea Mowry!! And if you're looking for yarn that will scratch you to the high heavens and make you feel like tearing your skin off, I suggest you look elsewhere......because Biscotte's Bis-sock, ladies, is like butter ;)

Have you tried your hand at fading yet?

so faded sweater