I love Lion Brand Yarn. Each of the fibers and weights are easy to work with, colorful and affordable. Although I don’t use Lion Brand Yarn for every project, I certainly use it a lot. I haven’t had much time to knit lately, but I know exactly what I want to do next.

Underage Wizard’s Scarf

Lion Brand YarnI love the variety of textures and stitches in this Underage Wizard’s Scarf Pattern. It will be great for keeping out the winter chill. The bright colors on the pattern cover are
lovely, but my winter coat is gray and my favorite color is purple, so I’m planning to use those to colors to create my underage wizard’s scarf. Because I always buy extra, I’m going to get two skeins of each color.

The pattern looks like it will be easy to work up once I get some down time and it’ll be great to have another fun scarf to add to my winter attire. If I have some extra time, maybe I’ll even make mittens to match.

Wool-Ease by Lion Brand

In American terminology, the scarf pattern above uses size 6 needles. In Lion Brand Yarn, this means medium weight yarn. Since I want this scarf to be super warm, I’m going with Wool-Ease. For the sections that are white on the picture, I’m going to use Oxford Grey and for the sections that are green in the picture I’ll use eggplant.

I love the medium weight yarn, and anything knit on size 6 to 8 needles because it’s easy for me to hold and manipulate. I used to be far more skilled with smaller needles, but I broke my hand last year and it’s been much tougher since. I’ve always struggled a bit with larger needles due to my small hands, so the medium weight is perfect for me. Since Lion Brand’s Wool Ease yarn is less than $5.00 per skein, making this scarf will be an inexpensive way to create a fashionable piece for winter – one that will keep me warm too!

Other Features of Lion Brand Wool-Ease

Unlike many wool yarns, Lion Brand’s Wool Ease can be washed and dried with like-colored laundry. It’s as easy to care for as acrylic, but has the suppleness and texture knitters expect from wool. It comes in a variety of colors, tweeds, heathers and twists appropriate for any project.

Because it’s so easy to work with, knitters and crocheters love Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease. The popularity of this yarn drove Lion Brand to create an entire family of yarns, including Wool-Ease thick and quick, which is great for sweaters.