When I was first introduced to Biscotte Yarns it was the self striping yarn that got me hooked! I've since then realized how many other wonderful yarns they carry. But I think it's time to take a little step back to what made me love Biscotte so much.

The collection of striped yarn and the uniqueness is really astounding! I'd never be able to list all my favorites, but it really puzzles me how they've even created a yarn that knits up with little seeds in them like the Watermelon and the Apple hearts! I feel like Biscotte has taken the art of dying yarns to a whole new level. I fell completely in love right from using my first skein!

I know some knitters put their needles and yarn away for the summer but honestly I don't think I'd be able to breathe without having it at arm’s length ALL THE TIME!!! So, with summer creeping upon us, I like to knit for the season.

I've found these adorable little Noshow Socks by La Maison Rililie. Her work is so incredible and I’ve learned so much from knitting up some of her patterns. Any knitter that's looking to learn something new or to perfect you're skill, I suggest knitting a few of her designs.

Now I know the kids are running around sock-less in their shoes, and that might be the thing to do; but mama needs her socks! I don’t want to see them in my shoes but the idea of wearing a shoe without something in them kind of makes me cringe. Could you imagine stopping by a friend's house and trying to pry off the shoes, soles and all coming out and the feet not in a presentable situation? We can't have that!!

So, I'm going to be knitting these adorable little socks so that I too can fit in with all the cool kids and confidently take off my shoes and get my feet noticed for all the right reasons! 

I'll be knitting mine up in Biscotte’s Bis-Sock color way Daisy. Did that decision have anything to do with the fact that my puppers name is Daisy? Well listen, when you’re in a situation where there are so many options you have to force yourself to choose one somehow...right?! I mean the selection is just incredible!!

First off these socks are toe up. For all of my toe up socks I love Judy’s Magic Cast On for Toe up Socks. And to show you how easy it is here’s a video I put together so you can see for yourself


So as you can see, a nice and easy cast on. It hasn't led me astray yet! Knitting up these socks was so very interesting. I've knit a lot of socks but this one is definitely like no other sock I've knit before. The designer speaks about how she's struggled for years trying to get the no show sock just right. I'm sure we can all relate to the no show sock that promises to stay put. I've tried so many.....they don't stay put. But this designer is on to something, I kid you not!!

self-striping yarn

I love knitting with this yarn. By looking at the skein you can see the colors in it but you really don't know how it’s going to knit up until you start. It’s so exciting! It's the little things, ladies LOL

self-striping yarn

Here's the finished sock. This particular design has a lot of short rows on the bottom and it still kept the stripes in line. HOW? I know the dyers might know the answer but I like not knowing because knitting it is so much fun!! I didn’t break my yarn to keep the pattern going; this was knit from the one skein using the same strand of yarn. So cool!

You may have noticed I squeezed my Pattern Holder in the picture. Did you ever find something that you didn’t know you needed until you started using it? This is it! I love it and won’t be without it. When you're cozy in your chair who wants to lean forward to the coffee table for a hard surface to write on?? Not me! When I'm in my groove I’d like to stay there thank you very much!

self-striping yarn

So my Noshow Socks are finished and as you can see or not see, they can't be seen in my shoe. They are a great fit and they stay put. Not to mention completely adorable. These would also make for a pretty cute little sock to wear around the house in the warmer months vs.an actual pair of slippers. I always like to have something on my feet no matter what time of year it is.

I highly highly recommend getting these on your needles ASAP!! You won't be disappointed :)