Knitting needles : wooden or metal ?

knitting needles : wooden or metal?

Louise Robert March 24, 2023


metal knitting needles

The advantage of metal knitting needles is their strength and durability.

Also, since the stitches slide nicely on their surface, tight-knitters will often prefer them! The downside of metal needles is that they can be heavier and produce a rattling sound, especially with large-diameter needles.

In the metal needles category, you will find aluminum and stainless steel.

Aluminum has more surface friction than steel. Stainless steel needles are smoothest that any other metals, providing a surface where stitches will glide effortlessly.



wooden knitting needles

Since wooden knitting needles produce more friction, they can be convenient for knitting slippery yarns like silk.

Loose knitters will also prefer wooden needles for this reason. They are also lighter and quieter than metal needles. However, they are more fragile and require more care than metal needles.

In the wood category, you will find needles made from different species of trees and also bamboo.

Bamboo needles are often more affordable but are still more fragile, so be careful not to sit on them! 🙊🙊