Knitting Goals for the New Year

Knitting Goals for the New Year

Sarah Woodard December 30, 2016

Many people set goals or resolutions for the new year. They’re usually focused on life or career changes – like “I will exercise at least twice a week every week.” All of these goals are fabulous, but they can be a bit of a drag. To counteract them, why not set some fun goals, goals for something you like doing? Knitting goals is one way to do this.


Try a New Knitting Technique

Even the most experienced knitters can benefit from this. It’s a great way to improve your knitting skills while having fun and reaching a goal. For newer knitters, a good knitting goal for the new year might be something like learning how to do a cable. For a more experienced knitter a good goal might be learning to create your own patterns.

Make Something You’ve Never Made Before

If you’re like most knitters, you’ve probably got a favorite project or two. For me, it’s sweaters. While making one particular project over and over again (like lots of sweaters) can be fun, it doesn’t necessarily increase skills. For the new year, make a goal to make something else, say socks or mittens. You may just find you like it as much, or more, than your favorite project and you’ll have a new set of skills.

Start a Knitting Group

Knitters love to get together with other knitters. In the coming year, challenge yourself to step up your leadership and organizational skills by starting a knitting group. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even give the group a specific focus such as knitting hats for babies, scarves for homeless people or gloves of service members.

Teach Someone Else to Knit

The best part of having any skill is sharing it. In the coming year, share your love of knitting with others by teaching. Show a friend or a family member. Teaching knitting doesn’t have to be a formal undertaking, it can be a casual afternoon while you visit with one of your besties and show them the ropes of yarn work. As you share your skill you’re also creating lasting bonds and memories.

Enter a Craft Fair

Keep your knitting hands busy all year long by making items to sell at a local holiday craft fair. Craft fairs are a fun experience. Although there’s no guarantee you’ll sell everything or walk away with a profit, the atmosphere and time to meet with other local crafters is well worth it. Each year, you’ll get a little better at them. If this year is going to be your first – just have fun. And bring your yarn and needles! Actively knitting at your table may draw some interested folks to you.

What knitting goals will you set for the coming year?