Knitting Designers Wanted

Posted on January 19 2017

We are currently looking for knitting designers to create accessories and clothing patterns using Biscotte hand-dyed yarns

knitting designers wanted

Our yarn inspires you?

Please send your submission with sketch and/or picture of a knitted sample by email at 

How does it work...

If your design is approved, you will get to buy the yarn for your project at discounted price, which will be refunded when the contract is completed.

We are looking to buy full copyrights or share copyrights with the designer : an agreement is to be discussed beforehand.

Payment allocated for each design depends on the model as well as the experience of the designer. A contract will be drafted to consolidate the mutual agreement.

When the pattern is finished and delivered in digital format and the knitted model is returned to us by mail, you will get your payment (with yarn and shipping fees refunds) by Paypal or check.

We are anxious to get your design submissions and we will look forward to hear from you!

Biscotte Yarns Team

Helpful questions and answers from Ravelry's designers

QUESTION - Do you keep the sample, eventually send it back to designer

ANSWER - We prefer to keep the sample since we use it to display in fairs and yarn store and we don’t always have the time to knit another one. But everything is to be negociated ;)

QUESTION - Who is responsible for tech editing and photography?

ANSWER - We are responsible for tech editing and photography.

QUESTION - Does payment you mentioned includes or limited to yarn and shipping fees refunds ?

ANSWER - No, payment is not limited to the yarn and shipping fees refunds.

QUESTION - Are you looking for design having in mind any particular yarn line/colorway, or any yarn of the company could be used?

ANSWER - No we are not looking for any particular yarn line or colourway: you can use anything that inspires you in our collection ;) If you have fun, it will show through your project and this is what we are looking for ;)

QUESTION - Can you give a ballpark figure of what sorts of fee’s you’re offering for certain types of garments/items? And - if you’re working with a reputable, well known designer with hundreds of published patterns, is it possible for the yarn support to be completely supplied at no cost, rather than at a refundable discount? That’s personally what’s preventing me from submitting. I simply don’t have the $$ to front the cost of yarn.

ANSWER - Yes we can… It’s just that we have already sent free yarn to few knitters that were supposed to create a design and we never heard about them after. So we thought that asking for a “deposit” would help to get submission from serious designers only. But if you are already known with several published patterns, we will be happy to send you anything you need for your design free of charge.

About the fees, of course it depend on the project and designer experience. Usually, we have to spend more time revising and correcting a pattern from a new designer so payment is made accordingly. If you are a known designer with experience and/or have a lot of visibility on social media, this factor also comes into consideration.

Some accessories are faster knitted and written, some garments as pullover or shawls can take more time to conceive, so this also influences the price. If you want to share the copyright and sell the pattern on Ravelry or your own website, the price won’t be the same as if we buy full copyright. If you can submit in both english and french: BONUS! :) Otherwise, we will take care of the traduction for our french customer.

So the average we offer is about 150$ per design in accordance with the market price but we are open to negociate considering the elements mentioned above.

QUESTION - Would that $150 be for accessories or sweater projects?

ANSWER - This is only an average. We have to come to a mutual agreement: to get a specific quote, please contact us with description, sketch and/or picture of a knitted sample at You can specify the price you want to be paid: we will consider your submission and will reply as soon as possible.



Biscotte Yarns


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