Knitting and Your Health

Knitting and Your Health

June 18, 2018

Knitting. To some this is a very enjoyable hobby. To me? It’s a way of life. Depression and anxiety affects 1 in 13 people. This disorder hits not only close to home but is in my home. I’m the 1 in that equation. Along with treatments from doctors, this is my therapy.

Statistics have shown that knitting actually reduces depression and anxiety, slows the onset of dementia, and can distract from chronic pain. Isn’t that the most amazing and hopeful thing you’ve ever heard? As someone who lives, loves and breathes knitting it’s a very positive perk to my so called hobby!

Knitting can have the same benefit that’s associated with meditation and yoga. Once beyond the learning curve, which can still be beneficial as it distracts your brain to focus on something else; it can lower heart rate and blood pressure and reduce harmful blood levels of the stress hormone called Cortisol.

Not only is the act of knitting beneficial, finishing a project can boost self confidence. I used to keep a journal of all my finished projects. I’d take a photo and write notes on the project. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride. I recommend every knitter to get a knitting journal. Biscotte has a really nice one that I use on a daily basis.


It’s not often that one can say that their therapy is portable LOL but mine is! I take my knitting to appointments, to a friend’s house or anywhere I go that might give me the opportunity to knit even a couple of rows.

I was never one to flaunt my knitting on social media until I met the most wonderful family owned company Biscotte & Cie. It all started with one skein of yarn I purchased at a local yarn shop here in Newfoundland. The wonderful owner, who I’ve gotten to know a little since discovering her yarn shop, boasted how beautiful this yarn was.

All it took was one touch! It was what I needed….soft with just the right amount of squishy!! I wanted to buy it even before I knew it was magic! It was self striping, which I think is magic anyways. But this was different. Watermelon was my very first purchase. It even knits up seeds she told me! WAIT!!!! WHAT???? OMG so not only do I get to knit with the most softest sock yarn, but watching this knit up kept my mind from thinking of anything other than this yarn is knitting seeds. HOW DO THEY DO IT??

I couldn’t stop there. I immediately got out my computer and looked up their website just to check it out. The selection of this self striping yarn was unbelievable. Apple Core again knit up with little seeds. Rainbow, Ladybug, the Sorcerer's Scarf from Harry Potter, So Minion…..It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow 🌈

Then I saw the ad for Bloggers. All I was thinking was I had NO experience with this sort of thing but I HAD to be a part of this amazing company. I want to knit and show everyone how beautiful this yarn is and also hopefully inspire other people like myself to knit!! It can help you!

The 2 lovely ladies I was in contact with, Louise Robert and Lisette Rivest, gave me the opportunity to write up a blog and teach me the ropes along the way and I was in! I danced and danced around my kitchen!  They have helped me beyond words. I actually get to knit with my most favorite yarns, write about it, HOPEFULLY inspire even one person to knit, AND get complimented on my work along the way.

They have helped with my self doubt and low self esteem more than they realize. I believe that I’m possibly one of the luckiest gals in the world right now. Being able to knit is a blessing that my beautiful grandmother taught me. Being able to knit with Biscotte & Cie is a blessing that helps me every single day. I hope that anyone suffering from mental illness or with undue stress in your life or even anyone just looking for a new hobby will purchase a pair of needles and a skein of yarn. I hope that knitting can help others as much as it is helping me.

Edit from Biscotte (Louise): Andrea, we are very lucky to have you as well ♥ Thank you for all your good work 💝


Ellen said:

I’ve seen your knitting and you do knit such beautiful things. The wool is so soft and comfy. I’m glad that you find that this helps you while you get to knit all the fantastic items. Keep up the good work. I also love your blog!

Lisette said:

We are fortunate that life gives us the gift of putting on our way people sharing common passions and Andrea, thank you for being part of it.

Sam said:

What a wonderful way to look at knitting, very insightful

Andrea Yetman said:

Thank you Lisette❤️

Andrea Yetman said:

Hi Ellen
Thank you so much for your lovely comments and I’m so pleased that you enjoy my blog!

Kathe said:

Your writing has touched my soul. I have been working through breast cancer treatments and various side effects related to those treatments for the last 18 months. The most difficult aspect has been the chemo brain and fatigue which took away my creative abilities. Whenever I picked up my knitting, I could not remember the most simple instructions although I had been an expert lace knitter. Starting over with larger needles and garter stitch once the chemo fog finally started clearing, I find great solace and peace with my daily knitting even if I only accomplish a row or two. The depression still raises its ugly head more often than I would like but keeping my hands and eyes on the wonderful needles and soft yarns makes me smile more and take to my bed less.

Anyone suffering from depression – get out to your local yarn shop, learn or relearn a handcraft, an meet some wonderful people. Your body and soul will be grateful.

Allison said:

Andrea -
So true about knitting helping with anxiety and depression. I too, am that 1 in my family.
I like knitting socks because they do give a sense of accomplishment as they do not take a long time and poof! you have the finished project. Which is a boost in itself.
I have ordered sock yarn from Biscotte but have not yet gotten to it, but look forward to doing so.
Happy knitting!

Andrea Yetman said:

Dear Kathe
Thank you so very much for sharing your story and you have also touched my heart. I believe with all my heart that knitting is the most effective therapy for me personally and gets me through all my moments, days and weeks. It’s a way of life for me. I treasure it and consider it a blessing to know how to knit. I’m so happy that it can bring you joy as well.

Andrea Yetman said:

Hi Allison
Depression and Anxiety is an everyday struggle. I’m so happy to hear that you too can find comfort in knitting. If this will be your first time using Biscotte, you are in for a treat! It’s absolutely without a doubt my favourite yarn! I also love to knit socks and knitting with Bis-sock self striping yarn is definitely a pleasant distraction in itself just watching it knit up! You won’t be disappointed!
Happy knitting😊

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