Fall is in the air! The cool, crisp breezes are blowing. It’s only a matter of time before hats become a necessity. Show of your style by knitting a hat to accent your fall outerwear ensemble (if you want, you can knit a scarf and gloves or mittens to complete the set.) It’s easier than you think!

Knitting a Hat in the Round

knit hat

If you’re not a fan of sewing seams or you simply enjoy using circular needles, knitting a hat in the round is for you. You’ll need to know how to increase and/or decrease in order to knit a hat in the round. Patterns like this one will walk you through process and ensure that you have a hat you love when you’re finished. Need some help getting started? Check out this video: 

Personally, I love knitting a hat in the round. It’s great fun to see the hat taking shape as I go around and around. If I’m careful and I have enough extra cord length in between the circular needles, I can even try it on as I go. Plus, when I’m done with the last knitting row, there’s no additional work (other than the usual tying off ends, etc.) so I can wear it right away.

Knitting a Hat Flat

knit hatknit hat

If you’re not comfortable using circular needles, don’t worry. You can still knit yourself a gorgeous personalized hat – you’ll just have to sew a seam up the side. You’ll still need to know increases and/or decreases, but instead of going around and around, you’ll go back and forth as usual.

Knitting a hat this way is great for smaller sizes too, like the kids’ hats in this pattern book. Need a refresher on sewing seams or figuring out which one should use for your hat? Check out this great video. 

Although this isn’t my favorite way to knit a hat, I will use it to create smaller size hats or if I’m working a particularly complex pattern that is hard to track when done in the round. I also like it sometimes if I’m creating a hat with ear flaps or chin strap – I find it easier to keep those items properly aligned.

Cables and Stripes

Both of these methods can be used to knit a hat with cables, stripes, or other intricate details. Depending on the complexity, stitch markers can be very helpful. Whether you prefer knitting a hat in the round or flat, a custom hat – made by you – is the perfect accent to any fall wardrobe.  

What’s your favorite technique for knitting a hat?