Knit Doll Clothes

I used to love playing with dolls when I was little. Not so much the “mom” part of it, but changing their outfits and posing them for school or getting them ready for bed. I still have my two “special dollies” and their clothes, though they sit in a closet now. At some point, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have some nieces or nephews who will want to play with them, too – and then I’ll be able to make some of these great doll clothes to add to their wardrobe.


Knit Cardigan, Pullover and Pants for 18” Doll

Dolls can sport their fashion sense with this adorable pattern set that includes cardigan, pullover sweater and pants. They work up quickly and are so easy you can make them in different colors for a huge boost in dolly’s wardrobe. I think they would look great in the Blue Pansy self-striping yarn.

Turtle Neck Sweater for Barbie

Barbie’s love to dress up in the latest fashions. With cooler weather coming, a turtle neck sweater is the perfect addition to her wardrobe. Pick your favorite lace weight yarn color (or maybe two) and make your child’s Barbie the most fashionable of the group. Just be ready for your kid’s friends to ask you to make sweaters for their Barbies too.

Cute Cardigan for 16” Doll

Bright yarn and unique buttons make this cardigan a true fashion statement for any 16” doll. How awesome would it look in Sorbet with some bright buttons? Your child’s doll will be the best dressed on the playground and the other moms will be asking you for doll fashion tips.

Knit Dress for 14” Doll

Every girl has a favorite dress and so do her dolls. I think this sweet knit dress might just wind being a favorite for both of them. Sparkling, self-striping yarn like Les Ailes d’un Papillion (The Wings of a Butterfly) would be a gorgeous choice for knitting a doll’s dress.

 Being able to knit allows you to share your unique fashion sense with your kids. Of course, you’re going to make things for yourself and kids. Adding knit clothes for your child’s doll helps your child feel special and gives you another chance to share your skill with your child and her friends. What are some knit doll clothes you’ve made recently? We’d love to see them!

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27 June, 2020

Chris Marrangoni

Thank you for all you do.

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