Have you ever seen a pair of slippers and thought...."these are way too cute to be hid inside the house!"

Well that's how I felt when I seen this adorable crochet slipper pattern on Biscotte's Instagram. If you aren't already following them, you really should. Seriously.......drop everything and follow now!

The possibilities with Biscotte Yarns are endless. And have you seen the color selection? Don’t get me started! Ok, back to the slippers! Here's the picture that caught my eye. Aren't they adorable? This pattern is called "Stellaire" and was created by Melissa Thibault and is available for purchase on Ravelry

slipper crochet pattern

Now to turn them into shoes!!! There are a number of ways to do this. You can purchase a cheap pair of flip flops, cut the thong part off and draw an outline for the holes approximately 1cm apart all around the flip flop so that the holes are all even keeping your shoes looking handmade vs. homemade.

Uneven holes are not going to look so attractive. OR, you can do what I did and purchase a pair of soles that are already pre punched!  There are some styles available in this brand on Biscotte's website: pre punched soles.

Here you can see the little pre-punched holes. Just makes life that much easier right?

sole slippers pre punched

Since we already have a sole, there's no need to crochet one. All we need to do is build a foundation row right onto our rubber sole and by doing that we'll single crochet around and then join the last single crochet to the first one.

I'll demonstrate in the photos below. And when I said I loved these little slippers I wasn't kidding! I even had to use the exact same yarn and colors that the designer used. I'm using Biscotte's DK Pure yarn line in Nuit and Gris-gris. I really can't say enough good things about this yarn! It's my absolute favorite brand no matter what the project.

The pattern calls for a larger hook than what you'll see in my first picture. I used a .85mm crochet hook so that I could poke through the holes. The holes that you see on the front of these soles don't go right through to the other side but the tiny crochet hook goes through very easily. Tie a slip knot on your hook and from the inside push the hook out through to the outside of the sole.

sole slippers

Next, take your working yarn over top of the sole and yarn over the hook and pull through that same hole. Since the hook is so small you will have to pull the yarn taught around the needle to get it through since we are working with a DK weight yarn.

sole slippers crochet pattern

Once the yarn is pulled through, switch over to the recommended needle size.

slippers crochet sole

The reason I switched over to the bigger hook was not only to keep the correct gauge but of course to make it much easier to complete the next steps. Yarn over the needle and pull through the two loops, thus creating your first single crochet. Then chain one.

how to crochet slippers with pre-punched sole

After you've completed the chain one, switch back to the smaller hook so that you're able to push through the next hole. Continue with this method all the way around and then join to the first single crochet with a slip stitch. Now, I know you're probably thinking that's a whole lot of switching back and forth. It's really not as bad as you think and it goes pretty quickly once you get in the groove! And trust me it's worth the effort!! 

When the foundation row is complete you can go ahead and follow the pattern as if you were working from the crocheted sole. If your stitch count is off you could increase or decrease on the next row if necessary. 

It‘s that easy to turn a cute pair of slippers into a very trendy pair of flats that you can show off all spring/summer long! Have you ever made a pair of shoes from slippers? 

crocheted slippers with sole