How to knit the stitch pattern 3, 4 and 5 of the Unpredictable Shawl

Since our Shawl Knitting Game - The Unpredictable Shawl has been very popular lately, we have received few questions on stitch patterns 3, 4 and 5. We have prepared video tutorials to help you out with these stitch patterns...

STITCH PATTERN NO.3 ♥ The Unpredictable Shawl


STITCH PATTERN NO.4 ♥ The Unpredictable Shawl


STITCH PATTERN NO.5 ♥ The Unpredictable Shawl


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05 June, 2020


Love this shawl nut would like to know how do you join all the little leftover balls of yarn? how do you weave in the ends? I don’t think I should knot them. Thank you for any information on this

05 June, 2020

Annemarie Brust

The copy of the pattern that came with my kit, has an error on Row 3 of Pattern 4. Took me ripping everything out several times before I figured it out. It tells you to repeat [sl 1 purlwise, in the same st: k1, you, k1] until 3 sts remain. It should say ‘next’ not ‘same’. Perhaps posting a pattern correction will help those that got a copy like mine.

16 February, 2018


I am trying to print a sock pattern from your app and don’t see an icon for it. When I try to copy & paste I can’t do that either. According to the app info I should be able to print. No?


25 January, 2018

Peggy W

Thank you so much for these videos! They are very helpful! I can see that I made a few mistakes when I attempted #3 and #4, but I will correct my mistakes from this point. I have just started my shawl, so my mistakes are on very short rows. I hope they will not be too noticeable, but that is what makes it Unpredictable! Happy knitting!

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