Normally my answer would be large, with 2% milk and extra foam in a to-go cup; but not today! Today I would like 478 yards wound into a perfect little skein, with an adorable Biscotte a to-go bag! If you haven't already discovered this amazing yarn that I speak of then I have a few confused readers LOL

I have only recently been introduced to Biscotte's Latte yarn and I'm not kidding when I say that it was love at first sight. I purchase all of my yarn online so the interest started with just the information alone. When it arrived and exceeded all of my expectations well let's just say, Santa, I'm really sorry but I think I'm more excited to receive parcels in my mail box rather than under my tree;)

This yarn has completely fascinated me. It is made of 80% milk protein fiber and 20% wool. I had no idea that you could actually get a fiber from milk protein. I'm a little bit of a yarn nerd (when a particular friend of mine reads this she'll say "a little bit"??) I like to know what I'm knitting with, where it came from, how it's spun, how it's dyed.....etc. It's a problem, I know! Thinking that spinning this milk protein fiber must be some new technique that slipped passed me, I had to find out more.

In actuality, I was surprised to find out that it was invented in Italy in the 1930's. The fiber is made from dairy milk, and it takes about 12 gallons of milk to make a pound of fiber. And no need to worry; no good milk was spilled for that project you'll soon be diving into because the milk protein is distracted from dehydrated milk solids, so mills can use waste milk that is not fit for consumption. I think that this is some pretty cool information!

And it gets even better! Besides being completely fascinating and eco-friendly, milk yarn contains eighteen amino-acids that are good for human health!! Did you hear that “sensitive to wool wearers”?? This is going to be you’re next to skin yarn! It’s very soft with a subtle sheen and has amazing stitch definition. It has some similar characteristics to Bamboo which is probably what makes this yarn great for warmer weather. Warm weather or cold weather I will wear this all year long and if you’ve had the chance to knit with this yarn I’m sure you’ll completely agree! And let me tell you this yarn was made to drape!

I’m currently working on something special using Latte that I will give you a little sneak peek into. I've been very interested in pattern design lately. As relaxing as it is to just sit, knit and follow the instructions, there's something very satisfying about coming up with an idea and putting it on your needles! And have you ever thought if you could take a section of one sweater and mix it with the section of another sweater and so on that you'd have the perfect sweater? This is currently where my mind is going. So, I made a drawing of what I wanted and all I needed was the yarn to make it happen.....enter Latte!! I knew as soon as I started to swatch that this was going to be the yarn for my pattern.

milk fiber yarn

The color I chose is a one of Biscotte's limited edition colors. It's almost as if this color was dyed just for me because it's EXACTLY what I had in mind for my sweater design. If you haven't seen the AMAZING colors that they create, I suggest you check them out! They are absolutely incredible and highly addictive! Most times, my inspiration actually comes from the yarn itself. This limited edition color I chose is the reason Autumn is my most favorite time of year!

As promised I will share a little sneak peek into a few of the details that is going to make this sweater a favorite of mine and one I will certainly enjoy wearing!

milk fiber yarn

milk fiber yarn

That's all I can share for now!! Stay tuned for a future release of the finished product:) With only a few details visible, do you think this could be a sweater you would be interested in adding to your list of things to knit?