Shopping for the holidays can be tough. Trying to find that perfect gift for someone, especially when their interests and hobbies are different from your own, is challenging. We can’t help with everyone, but if you’ve got knitters on your list of people to buy gifts for, this list is for you.

gifts for knitters

Yarn Swift

To the non-knitter this looks and sounds like a foreign object. But to the knitter who has to transform a skein or hank of yarn into an easy to work with ball of yarn, this is a welcome tool! Without it, many knitters borrow their friend’s and family’s hands or attempt, with varying degrees of success, to use the back or legs of a kitchen chair. Make their life easier with a knitting swift – it’ll be their favorite gift this year!


Yarn Club Subscription

One thing is true for all knitter, no matter their experience or skill level, they LOVE yarn. With our yarn club, the knitter in your life will get new yarn and a new project every 2 months for an entire year! Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving. And if you play your cards right, they just might make one of those projects for you!

Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Here’s another thing with knitting. The number of needles a knitter has can quickly outpace the number of shoes they own. That’s why any knitter on your list would swoon over finding these interchangeable knitting needles under the tree. Neatly stowed in their own carrying case, the needles are easily swapped among three different cable lengths to great the perfect set for any knitting project while saving space in their knitting bag.

Yarn Winder

Most knitters wind their yarn from skeins to balls by hand, but with this hand yarn winder, they don’t have to. Combine it with the yarn swifter mentioned above and give them an entire package to help make using hand dyed yarn easier.

Shawl Knitting Game

Complete with dice, the shawl knitting game makes knitting a shawl into a game of chance. The knitter on your list can play solo or get their friends to join. Each roll of the dice directs players to a skein of yarn and a pattern. They’ll never make the same shawl twice! It’s available in six different color schemes – but you don’t have to decide. Roll the virtual dice online to pick which kit your knitter will open Christmas morning.

Now that the knitters on your list are taken care of, you can focus on purchasing presents for everyone else. Sorry we can’t help you with those – bet you wish everyone was a knitter now!