Halloween Sock Knitting Patterns

As a kid, I used to love dressing up for Halloween. My favorite costume was Wonder Woman. Plus, my birthday is right before Halloween, so I often had holiday themed parties growing up. As an adult, I don’t always love the trick-or-treating aspect, but I still get a kick out of dressing up for parties and showing off my kitting skills with some crazy Halloween socks. Check out these awesome Halloween sock patterns!


Spider Socks Knitting Pattern

Arachnophobes beware, the spiders on this sock pattern are really close to the real thing. They seem ready to jump right off the socks and into a web – or some unsuspecting trick-or-treaters candy bag! Check out the Bouclier sock yarn for your spider socks knitting project. Just be sure you hide them under your pants legs if someone who’s afraid of spiders comes to visit.

Knitting Ghost Socks

No Halloween is complete without a slew of ghosts. This adorable sock pattern makes use of cables and yarn overs to make ghost faces. Either your skin or a contrasting color stocking underneath help give the eyes and mouth definition. Vanille is the perfect ghostly white, or choose your favorite sock yarn color and give your ghosts some more personality.

Bat Socks

All you need to make these awesome bat socks is basic fair isle knitting skills and two contrasting yarn colors. They’re perfectly spooky and ideal for Halloween. If you’re trying to replicate the colors in the photo, check out Vert and Charbon. Better yet, get creative and use two colors that express your personality best.

Candy Corn Socks

It seems every holiday has its own iconic candy. For Halloween, there’s no question it’s Candy Corn. Our unique sock pattern lets you show your love for this sweet treat while keeping your feet warm. All you need is our Candy Corn self-striping yarn and the free pattern.

 Show us your Halloween spirit! Knit up a pair, or two, of these fabulous socks and share the results!