Flash Back to the 80's With Tube Socks

Flash Back to the 80's With Tube Socks

June 29, 2018

Ok....so this all started as a joke with a friend of mine. We won't mention a name but she knows who she is LOL The girl loves a pair of handmade socks, but can't get past the heel no matter what the style! I think she can do it but has lost her heel mojo. How about eliminating the heel?? WHAAAAA??

A little trip all the ways down memory lane, a little further down for me than her, and we're back to the 80's. We wore tube socks! There was no heel in a tube sock...it’s a TUBE! The only way to tell if you were putting it on the right way was the stained side was the bottom LOL

I don't know if it's been tried and I don't want to know because for now I think I'm coming up with something original and I want to stay in this happy bubble for a while! It's so much fun knitting something that you think is totally original, that you can share with others and make them just as happy.

If this works out to be a nice comfortable sock, there's so many beautiful stitch patterns that it could be knit in. And in Biscotte's self striping yarn! How adorable would they be?! However, I HAD to knit it like an old school tube sock just because!! It would be wrong not too. What a coincidence that the name of Biscotte's Bis-sock bright yellow yarn I'm using is called FLASH!! It's like it was all meant to be! I'm ALWAYS happy and content when I'm knitting but I've been giggling a little bit more doing this one. I think it's totally rad! I had to knit these on my Nekos as well.....I know they are more of a new thing but they kind of sounds 80's to me and I love using them.

The cuff is extra long to house those cool stripes I remember so vividly. In order to keep the stripes looking perfect with no jogs here is what I did:

Start knitting with the contrasting color as normal, knit one full round and slip the marker. The trick to a jogless stripe will happen on the first stitch after slipping the marker.

Step 1: Pick up the right leg of the stitch directly below the first stitch on your needle. 

Step 2: Put that right leg up on your needle.

Step 3: Knit the stitch and the leg together as one. 

Step 4: Complete the round as normal and there will be no jogs in your stripes. 

After the cuff I knit a whopping 16 inches long stockinette tube! This is definitely the project to knit while bingeing that favorite show you can't wait to glue your eyes on! Of course you can knit your sock as short or long as you like but I really wanted this one to be old school.

For the toe I chose to do it in short rows. In my opinion I think that this style is the most commercial looking toe out of the rest, so it was an easy choice. Of course any toe can be adapted....it's just a tube!!

I was wondering how they were going to fit and feel and I was so pleasantly surprised!! They are super comfortable and fit really well! At least the heel won't slowly slide down to the middle of your foot if that was ever an issue for anyone LOL


I can see eliminating the heel on more socks in my future. Have you ever knit your socks without a heel or do you think you would try it on your next pair of handmade woolies?



Simone said:

I love these socks and your pattern is so well suited!! Thank you for sharing!

Joyce Phillips said:

I’m an 80’s girl and I love this post! Thank you for sharing your pattern I’m looking forward to making these.

Sam said:

I never knew why tube socks were called tube socks until now! Cool facts and fashion from the 80s as well! Really nice product great work, would definitely buy myself a pair or try following your easy tutorial on this pattern if I get any better at knitting!

Susan said:

Love this idea as I remember them well. Sons were color coded so they only wore their own, no fights that way. Aw, the memories.

Andrea said:

I remember these socks so vividly as well! I have to say, I not only knit these for the Blog….I been trotting around wearing them with my Converse as if I were 16 again with a little Def Leopard on the ear buds LOL only as old as you feel;)
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog and HAPPY KNITTING!!!

Jen said:

I’ve been knitting tube socks for my kids but hasn’t considered making some for myself! Now I have plans to! Thanks for the encouragement! Heels have become so bothersome 😂 I look forward to seeing how these fit, although I’m certain mine will be shorter than yours.

Angela said:

OMG! Love this—as soon as I saw the pic of this post I remembered my sister, because, as kids, all my brothers and sisters (9 of us) wore tube socks! Looking back, I think it was because it was easier for our mom or whichever of us had laundry chore that week to just match the stripes and not worry about which socks belonged to which kid…except in the obvious cases, like size or pastel colors (girls)…

But, my sister Margaret hated wearing mine (we were closest in size and age) because I wandered the earth and stained the bottoms; so she printed “MGT” in big, block letters on the bottoms of her new socks. Of course, we all took to calling her “Midget”, and it stuck—it’s one of her nicknames to this day.

Thanks so much for sharing this pattern—she’ll be getting a pair this Christmas, complete with her “MGT” moniker on the toes of each!

Sylvia said:

Ty ty ty for inspiring me to do a tube socik. I just ripped down the imperfect german short row heel that never seems to come out correct—for me. Working on a child’s sock. Your tubes look great. If i love the fit i will make many more tubes but sometimes just revert back to my Gusset heel which i have perfected!! Tks again. I feel courageous. Must admit a friend of mine recommended tubes but i balked, now on with the tubes!!!

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