For beginning knitters, scarves are an excellent way to practice different stitches and get used to holding the needles and working with different yarn. For any knitter, scarves are also a quick project you can work up for a handmade gift or last minute craft fair item. To help you get started, check out these easy scarf patterns.


The Easiest Scarf Ever

Seriously, anyone can make this scarf. Step one: pick your favorite yarn. Step two: make sure you have needles to match the suggested gauge on the label. Step three: cast on enough stitches that your scarf will be 5 inches wide. (So, if the gauge on the yarn you picked is 4 stiches per inch, cast on 20 stitches.) Then simply knit every row (aka garter stitch) until the scarf is your desired length. I suggest at least three feet, longer if you want to wrap it several times, but it’s truly up to you. Then cast off and you’re done. Simple! Of course, you’re free to make the scarf wider, thinner, shorter, or longer. All you need do is change the number of stitches to suite your preference.

Great for Handspun Yarn Scarf

You know all of the amazing yarn at Biscotte is hand-dyed. The unique and subtle color changes this creates are perfect with this pattern. Even better, there’s just one row to learn and you’ve mastered the pattern, so you can sit and knit while chatting with loved ones or watching your favorite show on TV. You can pick any yarn you like because the pattern works with any gauge and can be made wider or narrower with ease! When it’s done, this scarf is reversible, too.

Knit and Purl Rib Scarf

If you can knit and purl, you can make this scarf. The super chunky yarn makes it extra warm and it works up super fast, so it’s ideal for a last minute gift. Depending on what color yarn you use, this scarf makes a great gift for either a man or a woman.

Super Easy Drop Stitch Scarf

While maybe not a great first project, this scarf is certainly appropriate for beginners. As long as you know how to do the knit stitch and wrap yarn around a needle, you can handle this pattern. It looks far more complicated than it is, so everyone will be impressed with your talent. And don’t worry, if you need to be shown a new skill – there’s a video with the pattern!

These cold months are the perfect time to knit a scarf. Give one of these easy scarf patterns a try. You’ll be glad you did!