I was super excited when I received this skein of yarn in the mail and not just because it's like my birthday every time I get a package, but because I couldn't wait to see what this yarn would be like!

I hadn't felt it or seen it in person and I love trying out new yarns. It's called Hermione but should be called cotton candy or fluffy cloud!!

free shawl pattern

I knew right away that I wanted to make a light and airy shawl. Not necessarily to only wear as a shawl but one that could be draped around my neck as a scarf to add to an outfit during the cool summer evenings.

First I was thinking of knitting it in a lace pattern. But the more I looked at this gorgeous skein of yarn I decided that this yarn is a statement in itself. It doesn't need any special design to make it beautiful. It's beautiful just as it is. So I decided on a plain and simple triangle shawl with a lacy border.

I started off with 3 stitches and increased four stitches on every right side row on both sides of the spine and before both end stitches. In the picture below you can see where the stitch makers are placed for the increases.

free shawl pattern

I’m using my ChiaoGoo 4mm tips with 30” cord, so it actually knits up fairly fast on this size needle. It's a nice easy knit however I find myself looking a little more often than I normally would since it's lace weight and so fine. An absolute pleasure to work with though!

I wanted to use a basic triangle shawl pattern so that it would be very easy to knit it in garter, or alternating between stitch patterns or stripe it up.....the sky is the limit when you have the basic formula! Also, adding any border and not the one that I used could also be substituted in. Sometimes I enjoy casting on, not knowing exactly what I'm going to knit until the needles start moving!

free shawl pattern

So, here is my finished shawl! It's very light and drapey and exactly what I had hoped for. Probably the most important part of this process was a really good blocking. At one point I was doubtful on my design but after blocking I knew it was just right. I've written up my pattern as a free download to use if you wish, just CLICK HERE to download the pdf!

Keep in mind that you may end up with more or less stitches than my shawl all depending on how big or small you want it. A little math on how many times you can properly fit your lace in and you can make it in a size that suits your style :)

free shawl pattern