Call for knitting patterns submission - Early spring to summer 2019

Call for knitting patterns submission - Early spring to summer 2019

June 27, 2018

We are currently looking for new knitting patterns to be published from March to August 2019. It can be any type of garment: hat, mittens, socks, sweater, cardigan, shawl and baby/child garments as well.

You can use any yarn from our hand-dyed yarn collection. If you need a specific color (semi-solid, speckled and/or self-striping) we will do our best to suits your needs.

Since our speciality is self-striping yarn, we like to get designs submissions in which self-striping colors are integrated in an original way. That said, the use of self-striping yarn is not mandatory: you are free to choose any colors that inspire you.

We also have a sock club running every two months and we never get too much sock designs submission 🤓


Around 200-250 to +++ $USD : to be discussed…

Compensation depends on several factors: 
• Copyright agreement: full copyright or shared copyright. 
• The garment type and complexity of design: compensation is not the same for sock or sweater design. 
• Experience of the designer: we usually need to spend more time reviewing and correcting patterns written by less experienced designers. 
• Your visibility as a designer: renowned designers within the knitting industry offer us greater exposure. 
• We can add a bonus if you provide professional quality photos and/or French version of the pattern (a lot of our customers speaks French and we usually translate all our pattern for them).

Submission deadline:
August 15th, 2018 

Samples and patterns are due: 
November 30th, 2018


Please find below examples of copyright agreements; 
Full copyright means that we irrevocably buy full exclusivity to use and sell the pattern. Yarn is sent free of charge and final garment must be returned to us when design is done. You get paid within 30 days of receipt of sample and written pattern. 
Shared copyright means that we buy and share copyrights with you so we both get the right to use and sell the pattern. We usually get the exclusivity for a period of time (ex: 12 months). Yarn is sent free of charge and final garment must be returned to us when design is done. You get paid within 30 days of receipt of sample and written pattern. 
Yarn support is possible as well (in this case, you don’t have to follow submission deadline and due date) Yarn support means that we send you the yarn free of charge and you own the copyright of your design. You do not get paid except for the value of the yarn itself and you can keep the garment. In exchange for this, we get our yarns advertised within your own network.

Submission Requirements:

Please include a sketch and/or sample picture describing the item and links to any previously published patterns on Ravelry and any social media accounts you might have.

Please send submissions to: 

When your submission is accepted

You will need to write a full pattern (including any alternative sizes), knit a sample and send the knitted sample back to us. We take care of tech editing and photography (unless otherwise stated). Pattern must be sent in word (.docx) format and any sketch or chart sent in jpg, gif, png or pdf format. Upon returning us the knitted project, please indicate : Canadian goods returning to country of origin on the commercial invoice and the value of the yarn only. Address to return the knitted sample is:

Biscotte Yarns 
4-1750 Marie-Victorin 
Québec Canada J3V 6B9

After the due date, when all knitted garments from every designer are received, we will send a publication schedule to let you know when your pattern will be launched. We will work on your design (tech editing and translation) few weeks prior the publication date and we may have to contact you during this period if we need more info or clarification about the design.

Brief Description of who we are:

We are a family business who specializes in hand-dyed yarns and knitting designs since 2007. Our speciality is hand-dyed self-striping yarns and we also do semi-solid and speckled yarns. Besides our online websites (CAN and USA), we have a mailing list with nearly 45 000 subscribers and we wholesale our yarns everywhere around the world.

Our yarns have been shown and reviewed in several websites and magazines as Interweave, Vogue Knitting, etc.

We are anxious to get your submission !!


Mary A Moran said:

I am interested in any contests for designers that you may have in the future

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