Biscotte Yarns and space!

Biscotte Yarns and space!

Biscotte Yarns February 20, 2019

Recently, Biscotte Yarns had the opportunity to participate in a truly "special space" project thanks to a knitting enthusiast who is also part of the staff of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in Saint-Hubert.

It was in his spare time that Mr. Dubé developed a model of a hat inspired by the crest of the mission of ASC astronaut David Saint-Jacques. Biscotte Yarns provided with great pleasure the yarn required to knit the few copies of hats and scarves :

David Saint-Jacques et Les Laines Biscotte

David Saint-Jacques and his team-mates Oleg Kononenko (Roscosmos) and Anne McClain (NASA). (Source: Canadian Space Agency)

In December 2018, Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques flew to the International Space Station on his first mission. To learn more about the mission, visit the CSA website CSA website.

It is with great pride that we share with you the images of Mr. Dubé's knits and the charts he was kind enough to send us for free for those who would like to display their allegiance.

The colors used for the versions shown above are as follows: NUIT - LAGON - ÉPINETTE - ECRU

Here is the original chart inspired by the crest of the mission which was used to knit the hats.

Grille de tuque David Saint-Jacques

Here is a simplified version that knits on a smaller number of stitches and a printable hat pattern just below.

David Saint-Jacques grille simplifiée
Écusson de la mission Expedition 58 de l'astronaute canadien David Saint-Jacques (Source : Agence spatiale canadienne.)

Expedition 58 crest of Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques (Source: Canadian Space Agency


Tuque David Saint-Jacques
* * *

Thank you again to Mr. Dubé for calling on us for this project and happy knitting to all space enthusiasts!!