We do not all have the opportunity to enjoy a yarn shop in our neighbourhood and therefore we must go online to order our yarn and knitting accessories.

Sometimes it may be difficult to choose and buy yarn online without having seen and touched it beforehand.  Here are a few tips that could perhaps come to your rescue.

Imagine, for instance, that you found Bis-Sock yarn in our online yarn collection page which is compatible with the yarn required for your project, but that you don’t know this product.  You’ll probably want to obtain additional information on this yarn before making your purchase.

The Ravelry online community is always a tool of choice to obtain essential information on nearly every knitting yarn.  Once you’ll have logged into the Ravelry website, you should click on the « yarn » tab in the menu on top of the page and below « Search yarns », type either the name of the yarn « Bis-Sock », the name of the manufacturer « Biscotte » or the two of them, i.e. « Biscotte Bis-Sock ».

buy yarn online 1

The yarn you wish to purchase online will be among the search results (unless the manufacturer has registered his product on Ravelry or if it is too recent).

While clicking on Biscotte Bis-Sock you will obtain the data sheet (components, measurements, samples) of the product.  What needs your attention at first glance here is the number of stars which corresponds with the appreciation of the members who have knitted with this yarn. 

In the upper part of the data sheet you can see the following tabs: details, colorways, photos, buying options, stashes, pattern ideas, projects, comments, editing. 

buy yarn online 2

If the data sheet for this specific yarn is accompanied by « comments », you’ll be able to read the evaluation of the members who have knitted with this yarn.  Another very useful tab to buy yarn online is the one called « projects » where you can see the projects that have been knitted with this yarn.  Without the possibility to touch the yarn, the photos taken by the users of the website allow us to see the result once the yarn has been knitted. 

On occasion, some members may have left interesting comments concerning their project and you may also take the opportunity to validate your choice of colour if the member has taken care to specify the number or the name of the colour used for his knitting (sometimes you should look at the colour of the yarn selected online on several photos and under various lighting which can give us a better idea of the real colour of the yarn.

In addition to Ravelry, certain websites to buy yarn online allow clients to leave their comments following the purchase of a product. Should that be so you should then be able to read the customers’ evaluations on the product page (normally at the bottom of the screen) like, for instance, our watermelon yarn page below:

buy yarn online 3

If not, you can also view our members’ evaluations in a section of our website which has been identified for this purpose as our comments page.

Do not hesitate to communicate with our online yarn shop to ask your questions, to inform yourself about the yarns or to ask for suggestions about which knitting yarn to use for your project.  At Biscotte Yarns, you can contact us by telephone or by e-mail to buy yarn online. We can suggest a specific yarn to you according to your needs and take your order online.

Hoping that these few tips will allow you to do your yarn shopping online in a more informed way we wish you lots of happy knitting!!