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March 15, 2015

Hi knitters !!  
We are very pleased to offer free knitting pattern and more on our website.
You will find below a step-by-step instruction to show you how to order our free pattern to download.  Please note that there is no credit info required to place your order and subscription to our newsletter is optional.  
Of course, by subscribing to our newsletter, you will be aware of our new patterns, promotions and sock club subscription period.  Be assured that we don't like spam either and you can unsubscribe anytime just by clicking the "unsubscribe" link on the bottom of each newsletter : no hard feeling ;-)

Step 1 : Add the pattern to cart

knitting pattern how to download online

Step 2 : Check Out (you must agree with terms and conditions)

knitting pattern how to download online

Step 3 : Login or fill in the empty fields (you can save info for next time)

knitting pattern how to download online

Step 4 : Click "Complete order" button for final step.

knitting pattern how to download online

Your order is processing...

knitting pattern how to download online

Final step: click "Download Now" to get your pattern

knitting pattern how to download online

When this window opens, make sure you remember where you register your download so you can upload the pattern anytime now.

Click save (enregistrer) 

Emailed link : check your spam if you can't find this email in your inbox

knitting pattern how to download online

If you perform all of these steps without problems but cannot open the download link, the problem may be caused by your browser, firewall or device (phone or tablet) that prevents "pop-up" windows from opening. In this case, we suggest that you try to open the download link using another browser and/or try from another device and/or by changing your firewall settings.

In the case of files ending in .zip, these are compressed files containing multiple documents. You need an application to open these files: normally with a laptop this application comes automatically with the operating system but if you are browsing from a phone or tablet, you will need to install an application to open the .zip files: you will find several of them available for free in the App Store (or Google Play).

Thank you for your interest in our knitting patterns! Happy knitting:)


Laurel said:

Is there any way to store a pattern purchased from you in our Ravelry library ??

Kathleen Mendiola said:

Can’t get the slipper pattern need it asap

Joan said:

Hi, I , am looking for the easiest pattern to knit socks, As have no idea, where to start, Have done sweaters etc. Tried using 4 needles, no go, Played with cables, Think mine curl too much, Oh, like this site, any suggestions Thanks Joan

Gary Riddle said:

I was able to download the free patterns I wanted but have not been able to download the 2 patterns I paid for.

Gary Riddle said:

I was able to download the free patterns I wanted but have not been able to download the 2 patterns I paid for.

shirley ricketts said:

i would like the pattern for biscotte slipper

Rhonda Bennett said:

I’d like the free pattern

Martie said:

I’m looking forward to receive any knitting patterns

Joey de lange said:

Please sent me the slipper pattern

Beverley Tuitupou said:

Need copy of pattern for ladies booties…..

Elsie Gilbert. said:

Would like slipper patterns.

Betty said:

I can’t get the patten. do I have to buy the yarn to get the Free Pattern?

Meisie de Klerk said:

I want the patern for biscottis slippers please or any other slipper like that thanks

Louise said:

Please can I get a free Patten for a born boot for a lady

Coleen Bayne said:

I am interested to see what all you have

Tracey Eckstein said:

Would love to have the knitting pattern please they looking comfortable and look easy to make.please send pattern

Phyllis said:

Would love to make this pattern

Ida said:


Ida Serena Redaelli said:

Bellissimo modello. Mi piacerebbe farlo

Mary Ann Critch said:

i thought this pattern was free.

Shannon Davis said:

I would love this pattern

christine said:

my friend has sharcotts and the slippers look like they could fit her

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